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Mark of the Ninja Remastered Walkthrough Discussion

  • Posted on 11 October 18 at 11:46
    Please use this thread to discuss the Mark of the Ninja Remastered walkthrough
  • PuckJunkiePuckJunkie645,211
    Posted on 22 October 18 at 17:48
    I will be putting up a ported version of my walkthrough for the 360, briefly edited to reflect the definite inclusion of what was previously DLC content. Feel free to post comments or PM me with any suggestions on how this can be improved in the new version.

  • Wish2Die4UWish2Die4U305,918
    Posted on 25 June 20 at 18:24
    Amazing walkthrough, cheers guys, it's been seriously useful thus far.

    I spotted a tiny mistake in the detailed walkthrough of level 10 though. Scroll 2 is accidentily marked as scroll 1 in the level checklist. It's not a big mistake or anything, but it had me confused for a second. :)
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