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Bromageddon Achievement Didn't Unlock PLEASE HELP

Posted on 15 October 18 at 10:30, Edited on 20 February 19 at 14:33 by EuphoricRebel
I've been trying to finish the campaign co-op on heroic with an extra controller these few days to unlock both 'Bropocalypse' and 'Bromageddon'. 'Bropocalypse' unlocked for both controller's profiles (main + extra).

While I was doing this progress, I noticed that my game didn't update that I finished co-op heroic on the "completed in highest difficulty" area. It only updates & shows that when I complete those missions in one session/setting. When I turn off my Xbox 360 and turn it on again & play Halo 4, It doesn't show that I have completed co-op AT ALL. Not even Heroic! Even though when I check my service record on Halo waypoint site, It shows that I did complete them.

Now the main issue is that I have completed the co-op campaign on heroic BUT 'Bromageddon' only unlocked for my second controller's profile & not my main profile. After that I went to see my service record on Halo Waypoint and noticed that I somehow was missing 2 missions. So I went and did those AGAIN and still the achievement didn't unlock.angry

What should I do? Someone please help! cry

Note: I tried clearing my cache and before trying to unlock 'Bromageddon' I already deleted & redownloaded my profile because I was having another separate issue with my xbox 360.

The problem is that my game didn't update & save my progress in 'Highest Difficulty Completed' area. So when I go to dashboard or turn off my xbox 360 then come back to the game, it's like I never did any progress.
The solution to that is to delete the last title update from your HDD and then re-download it. Then I had to re-do my co-op play through on heroic again. I managed to get the achievement this time FINALLY & THANKFULLY!clap This what worked with me. I hope this helps
Posted on 15 October 18 at 14:57, Edited on 15 October 18 at 14:57 by JumboWario
Game On.
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