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Horns of the devil in hardcore

Posted on 15 October 18 at 13:48
Hey all

Does anyone know if the devil's horns exploit can still be done in the modes: hardcore and survival?

I have the digital version of GWG and download the DLC, I have heard that I have to delete the DLC and delete the cache to take advantage of this method, I still do not have it a second time so I want to know if it can still be done.

Thanks for answering!
Posted on 16 October 18 at 01:57, Edited on 16 October 18 at 01:57 by bblcreator8790
I see a comment on one of the solutions for the Survival mode achievement that this exploit does not work with the GWG digital version. I cannot confirm this however as I have the disc version of this game.

How it's supposed to work is that you must NOT have the DLC downloaded, then complete Classic mode. The reason for this is that there is a patch that fixes this glitch included in the DLC download and if you start Classic mode with the DLC already installed then you will not be able to load your save if you delete the DLC. So the DLC must be deleted (or never installed in the first place) before you start Classic mode.

Then, after completing Classic mode, dashboard, clear your cache, then decline the update when starting up the game and stay offline. Load up your save with Classic mode completed and the select Hardcore or Survival mode and play to the bench in Chapter 3 and you should be able to get the Devil's Horns there. Save your game, and then you can sign back into Xbox Live and download the update if you want.

Again this may not work with the GWG digital download for some reason, so maybe someone else who is more knowledgeable about this can comment on that.
Posted on 16 October 18 at 14:23
Thanks for answering.

In fact yesterday I eliminated all the game along with the DLC and downloaded it again, (without eliminating my progress from the first campaign on normal difficulty).

Today I will start the classic mode without being connected to xbox live to ensure that the game is not updated.

I hope it works.
Posted on 23 October 18 at 18:35
Well I have returned to this post after finishing the game in classic mode. Start survival mode but get to chapter 3 and unfortunately the method I found on the internet for the digital version of the game did not work :(.

I really have not made the survivor mode so difficult, I've reached chapter 9 and I've made the following bug:

If it works, and I gathered enough resources to be able to move on .. luck!
Posted on 23 October 18 at 23:31
That sucks, I guess it really doesn't work with a digital copy then - though it's good that you're able to make it through so far without too many problems. I remember that bot glitch; that will definitely help you out if you need some extra resources to push through to the end.
Posted on 29 November 18 at 21:23
Guys, do you know if there is a way to make a backup copy of the saved progress from the cloud playing this game in the XOne?

A lot of the old solutions talk about it and I guess that that was manageable for those playing this game originally in the 360. But now M$ seem to have taken away the option to copy your own stuff from the cloud, let's say, to an usb.
To do or not to do. THAT is the question.
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