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Xbox 360 Sale Roundup: October 16th, 2018

  • MindhunterMindhunter16,606
    Posted on 17 October 18 at 00:13
    Farming Sim for me smile
  • D1SCOD1SCO544,661
    Posted on 17 October 18 at 14:43
    Finally picked up Blood Bowl. I've been trying to buy it since it was last on sale but the purchase would never go through.
  • Posted on 17 October 18 at 15:03
    The SCHWARTZ 00 said:
    Of course Bulletstorm goes on sale, but the DLC doesn't. It almost never does. cry
    I've been seemingly waiting for the DLC to go on sale so I can start the game for years. It's one of those games on my list that's not a priority and keeps getting bumped down or passed over.
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