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ACA NEOGEO 3 COUNT BOUT Achievement List Revealed

  • KedrixKedrix224,990
    Posted on 22 October 18 at 12:22
    Well, I did get over the hump :)(still not sure if I was the second or first person to complete it but happy regardless). For anybody who is having trouble with the 200,000 and 300,000 achievements in original mode just make extensive use of the Interrupt Save Game function within the mode.

    After you win each match, be sure to create a interrupt save game. After you get 3 or 4 matches in, you'll need to start saving anytime you get a decent advantage in the match. That way if you get pinned, simply use the menu to go back to the title screen and go back to original mode. Be sure not to try and add quarters first, just let it load the save game automatically and get back into it. Eventually, you will win each match (just vary your moves, try different things) and you'll get the achievements. Easy done and done.
    Michael Durr Gamertag: Kedrix
  • neeker75neeker751,341,598
    Posted on 02 August 19 at 00:46
    Kedrix said:
    Last night, the achievements appear to be back to normal as I was able to unlock the last two hi-score achievements and the 100,000 original mode one with no delay. The leaderboards also show up now. I still have no clue how some of you folks are getting 200,000 and 300,000 in original mode with essentially one credit (since the score resets)...but anybody who has who is willing to share, I'm willing to listen. Otherwise, I'm not going to get over my the hump to get the last two.
    I don't have this game, but with all ACA Neogeo game, just use interrupt save every time you land a hit or two. When you get hit, reload.
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