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    Posted on 17 October 18 at 18:13
    Please use this thread to discuss the Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition walkthrough
  • ICE Faux PirateICE Faux Pirate1,005,628
    Posted on 22 October 18 at 18:41
    Anyone know who's working on the walkthrough? I started the game but there are a number of conflicting achievements so I'm just curious which ones should be done in each playthrough.

    i.e. Should I let Zote die in my initial playthrough since I won't be aiming for the Godmaster achievements this time around? Or do I need to save him because I can still get those achievements even without his boss form being in the Pantheon which would make it easier?

    It feels like I'm going to have to do a minium of 3 playthroughs and that's only if I make the right choices each time. I love this game but I hate conflicting achievements in any game, especially in ones where there are speedrunning cheevos.
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  • vSullyvSully1,134,204
    Posted on 22 October 18 at 23:49, Edited on 22 October 18 at 23:50 by vSully
    I'm doing the walkthrough.

    I had no problems completing everything in two playthroughs (I did three, but only because I didn't mind splitting up speed runs and Steel Soul).

    Only conflicts I can see are rescue Zote or leave him to die, kill Nightmare King Grimm or banish the troupe, and kill Nailsmith or leave him to live.

    My first playthrough I killed the Nailsmith, rescued Zote, and killed Nightmare King Grimm. I got 112% completion and did everything but speed runs, Steel Soul, leave Zote to die, banish troupe, and let Nailsmith live.

    My second playthrough I left Zote to die, banished the Grimm troupe, and let the Nailsmith live.
  • ICE Faux PirateICE Faux Pirate1,005,628
    Posted on 23 October 18 at 04:59
    Thanks for all the great info! That alone will help me wade through this awesome game with more confidence that I won't have to run another unnecessary playthrough.
    Doc, Doc, noose
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  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,648,820
    Posted on 11 November 18 at 21:56
    Excellent job Sully. I am playing my first run blind, but will use the WT for runs 2-4 to clean up.
  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,648,820
    Posted on 19 March 19 at 05:22
    Posted an invincibility glitch in the Pantheon solution. Dunno if you wanna mention it in the WT.

    Hollow Knight: Voidheart EditionSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition worth 377 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement
  • Posted on 06 July 19 at 20:23, Edited on 06 July 19 at 20:31 by Elite1111111111
    There's a point in the guide on page 4 where you essentially all but touch a grub but don't mention it, leaving it until number 44 in the guide. Specifically:
    This battle can be a little tough, which is why we paid the toll to unlock the previous bench. After the enemies are defeated, continue to the right, then make your way up and then back to the left. Smash a geo deposit, then take the path upward to an exit. Make your way to the top of this screen and exit to the left.
    I found it on accident just by walking left from the Geo deposit. Seems kind of pointless to leave it for later since when we do come back for it (grub 44) you have us going from the Stag Station to the Grub and then back to the Stag Station.

    Call the Stag and have him take you to Queen's Gardens. Exit right, drop down, then go left through a wall to find a Grub (44/46). Backtrack to the station and go left through the wall to destination 5.
    Great guide otherwise, so far.
  • vSullyvSully1,134,204
    Posted on 06 July 19 at 22:28
    Not sure why I did it like that. I’ll take a closer look later and shuffle things around if it makes more sense. Thank you.
  • Posted on 07 July 19 at 07:21, Edited on 07 July 19 at 07:37 by Elite1111111111
    Might also be worth pointing folks towards Hollow Knight once they hit 100%. Had 15 hours when I got to the point in the guide where you complete the Hunters Journal (so 106%), so figured I'd go kill Hollow Knight early to save myself from having to 100% the game during the speedrun playthrough.

    (If you don't. I may have glossed over it.)
  • Posted on 07 July 19 at 19:00, Edited on 07 July 19 at 19:06 by Elite1111111111
    For "Keen Hunter", I'm not sure if you ever point us towards the hidden room with the Mossy Vagabonds (only enemy I was missing). I had the room on my map, so either it's part of a bigger update or I just majorly goofed and went in there without killing anyone.
    Will check during my Steel Soul playthrough since it's easier than combing through the guide after the fact.
  • Posted on 16 July 19 at 06:26, Edited on 16 July 19 at 06:34 by Elite1111111111
    It seems that this is the closest you get to the Mossy Vagabonds in the walkthrough (at least in what I've been through so far in my Steel Soul playthrough). On Page 3 of the Classic Playthrough

    Exit to the left, then make your way up to the top and exit left again to reach a wooden shortcut barrier. Continue left and make your way up to find another wooden shortcut barrier and some geo deposits, then backtrack all the way back down to the bench by the Hot Spring (you should see Quirrel here).
    If you go up from these Geo deposits and then left into the building you find the Mossy Vagabonds. Not a big deal to come back here later since you need the deciphered entry anyway, but I don't think anyone will have the "Keen Hunter" achievement at the time you note it in the walkthrough unless they were to detour for kills here.

    (Unless of course you end up back here later in the walkthrough, still working my way through).
  • Posted on 16 July 19 at 22:09, Edited on 16 July 19 at 22:34 by Elite1111111111
    Minor text fix: Classic Mode Part 3

    Follow this linear path around and exit at the top, then continue forward and from this ledge, super dash to the right. Climb up and from the left wall, super dash to the left.
    Should be super dash left, then super dash right.

    Same page:

    After a section of floor collapses to reveal a downward path, drop down and go left to break a wooden shortcut barrier. You can follow the path upwards to break another, then backtrack and go left. Pass one more collapsing floor section and exit left to reach the Distant Village:
    Should be drop down and go right.
  • Posted on 16 July 19 at 23:07, Edited on 19 July 19 at 13:37 by Elite1111111111
    Another option for the Mossy Vagabonds that would fit into the guide and it's after they've become infected so you get the deciphered notes as well. Classic Part 4:

    Smash a geo deposit down on the right, then take the path just above to the right through some acid water. Kill two Mantis Traitors and pick up the Love Key from a corpse at the end, after which another Mantis Traitor will appear. Head back left to the previous screen and and go over to a Whispering Root. Hit it with the Dream Nail, then collect the 29 essence in the area before exiting to the left.
    If you drop down to the bottom of the room with the Love Key and break the shortcut barrier on the right, you can go into the room with the Mossy Vagabond's and inspect their infected corpses for the deciphered journal entry.
  • vSullyvSully1,134,204
    Posted on 19 July 19 at 00:53
    I figure I’ll wait for you to continue working through and post any other observations and then I’ll take some time to look through it and see about sorting everything out to make the most sense. Thanks.
  • Posted on 19 July 19 at 13:35
    Yeah sorry for the spam. I finished up with the game (except Pantheon of the Hallownest) so I'm all done critiquing now XD
  • Shh I am BatmanShh I am Batman1,184,636
    Posted on 19 July 19 at 14:40
    Elite1111111111 said:
    Yeah sorry for the spam. I finished up with the game (except Pantheon of the Hallownest) so I'm all done critiquing now XD
    In the future, can you just edit your initial comment to add your observations? This has been blowing up my threads. toast
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  • Posted on 19 July 19 at 15:14, Edited on 19 July 19 at 15:21 by Elite1111111111
    I don't feel it's worth it to make substantial edits to a post if there's a significant time gap between the initial post and the edit since then the edits might get missed. I did edit one post (the one with the direction mixup) just because I found another direction mixup pretty soon after. I had 2 posts within an hour of each other, but other than that all my posts were pretty far apart.

    I think "blowing up your threads" is a slight overstatement.
  • Shh I am BatmanShh I am Batman1,184,636
    Posted on 19 July 19 at 16:33, Edited on 19 July 19 at 17:06 by Shh I am Batman
    Was just commenting on the posts in a row - I didn't think "blowing up threads" was an apt description, just one that conveyed the message.

    Have yourself a good day, sir.
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