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Information Posted on 17 October 18 at 18:13
Please use this thread to discuss the Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition walkthrough
ICE Faux Pirate
Posted on 22 October 18 at 18:41
Anyone know who's working on the walkthrough? I started the game but there are a number of conflicting achievements so I'm just curious which ones should be done in each playthrough.

i.e. Should I let Zote die in my initial playthrough since I won't be aiming for the Godmaster achievements this time around? Or do I need to save him because I can still get those achievements even without his boss form being in the Pantheon which would make it easier?

It feels like I'm going to have to do a minium of 3 playthroughs and that's only if I make the right choices each time. I love this game but I hate conflicting achievements in any game, especially in ones where there are speedrunning cheevos.
Doc, Doc, noose
Posted on 22 October 18 at 23:49, Edited on 22 October 18 at 23:50 by vSully
I'm doing the walkthrough.

I had no problems completing everything in two playthroughs (I did three, but only because I didn't mind splitting up speed runs and Steel Soul).

Only conflicts I can see are rescue Zote or leave him to die, kill Nightmare King Grimm or banish the troupe, and kill Nailsmith or leave him to live.

My first playthrough I killed the Nailsmith, rescued Zote, and killed Nightmare King Grimm. I got 112% completion and did everything but speed runs, Steel Soul, leave Zote to die, banish troupe, and let Nailsmith live.

My second playthrough I left Zote to die, banished the Grimm troupe, and let the Nailsmith live.
ICE Faux Pirate
Posted on 23 October 18 at 04:59
Thanks for all the great info! That alone will help me wade through this awesome game with more confidence that I won't have to run another unnecessary playthrough.
Doc, Doc, noose
Information Posted on 07 November 18 at 21:23
The walkthrough has now been published.

You can find it here: Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition Walkthrough
Posted on 11 November 18 at 21:56
Excellent job Sully. I am playing my first run blind, but will use the WT for runs 2-4 to clean up.
Posted on 19 March 19 at 05:22
Posted an invincibility glitch in the Pantheon solution. Dunno if you wanna mention it in the WT.

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