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    Posted on 17 October 18 at 18:17
    Please use this thread to discuss the Black Mirror walkthrough
  • EazyE2285EazyE2285474,616
    Posted on 17 October 18 at 22:56
    I have been given the permissions to write this walkthrough. I'm currently playing through the game as I write and have decided this game deserves two different walkthroughs here. One will be strictly press A here, choose this option here, little to no spoilers for the way to the achievements only. The second will detail any optional things you can read/view/see/do. As such, I will be completing two full playthroughs and some strategical save/reloads to make sure I don't miss anything. This may take a week or so to complete with life and such but the game is linear and a short completion so it may be sooner. I will update this post with progress. As there are 5 "chapters" of game play I am going to assign each a percentage of 10% to keep track. So when you see it say 50% know I am on my second go around.

    Thanks for the patience and if you do intend to wait for it I hope you enjoy the guide.
  • EazyE2285EazyE2285474,616
    Posted on 18 October 18 at 03:45
    Day 1 Update: I am writing off site and will be transferring over when complete to edit then submit for publication. Had to go to a visitation/funeral for a family friend this evening but given achievement unlocks I am close to the end of Chapter 1 and while I will be doing a full playthrough after writing for verification that I completed it the fastest and shortest way possible. I have decided to just make saves and reload so no longer will each be ranked separately, each time I complete a chapter the guide should be 20% complete. Guesstimation % Complete today: 16.7%
  • Tandar1Tandar11,671,953
    Posted on 25 October 18 at 00:10
    Sorry to hear about your loss.
  • EazyE2285EazyE2285474,616
    Posted on 25 October 18 at 08:19
    It may have taken me longer than I expected but I have completed my first full playthrough of the game and even as it stands while typing and with saving/reloading/idle time I only spent a little over 10 hours in the game according to my save file. I'll be doing a speed run on a burner account to edit my full one to as quick as possible and then entering all the text I have onto the website so I can edit it into a more walkthrough friendly format with the neat little buttons instead of text and bold/underline/spoiler such to make it more than just a block of text. Might actually start moving some sections over here in the next few hours. Although that only really matters to me and overseer at this point.

    Hard work is all behind me. Another play

    Guesstimation % Complete: 66.6%
  • That Guy086That Guy086605,318
    Posted on 11 January 19 at 15:24
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    Posted on 01 April 19 at 11:40
    We are currently looking for a new owner, please post in here or send the Walkthrough Manager a PM if you are interested in writing it.
  • EazyE2285EazyE2285474,616
    Posted on 05 April 19 at 06:15
    I had everything but formatting on the site complete (would say that was around 50%) and took on a second job to pay unforeseen bills. When I did have free time I didn't spend it on the walkthrough and forgot about it for good chunks of time. When I was reminded around February I did some more formatting but had to leave for work and again life got in the way.

    I got a message here on the 27th to make strides by the 31st or lose it. I don't recall seeing that message and 4 days is short notice.

    For whoever wishes to take this on I can send you the walkthrough so formatting will be all that's needed done. It contains a quick run through and also see everything detailed one
  • Dang3R GamingDang3R Gaming1,393,401
    Posted on 05 April 19 at 10:52
    I mean you’re able to have it back if you are able to finish it, but you were given such a short time frame as you hadn’t done any work in over a month and it wasn’t the first reminder sent.
  • VudixVudix2,282,911
    Posted on 01 May 19 at 13:28
    Kinda sucks since you had months to do it. You can send me the stuff you have so far and I can pick up the game. I just bought the game since it was on sale. Smells like an easy completion. Probably on the longer end, like 7-12 hours. At minimum, should post what you have on here for anyone casually viewing.
  • VudixVudix2,282,911
    Posted on 14 May 19 at 14:15
    Just realized I got handed the WT as requested, I’ll type it up at some point. Maybe on a lunch break. Rage 2 just came out so I’ll be ogling that. At the latest, expect it by the weekend. I’ll probavky just knock it out on a lunch break though.
  • VudixVudix2,282,911
    Posted on 18 May 19 at 15:31
    It’s finished. Dunno who the walkthrough owner is, but it’s ready for you. Just do me a solid and read the note I left you on the ‘chapter 1’ tab.
  • Dang3R GamingDang3R Gaming1,393,401
    Posted on 18 May 19 at 17:31, Edited on 18 May 19 at 17:31 by Dang3R Gaming
    You might want to tap ready to review in the manage section so it’s officially in for review.
  • Arran R WArran R W1,338,504
    Posted on 05 June 19 at 08:01
    Any update on this? Sounds like it's done!
  • Posted on 05 June 19 at 08:07
    Arran R W said:
    Any update on this? Sounds like it's done!
    Ah apologies, the walkthrough was never marked ready for me to review. I'll have a look over everything over the next couple of days.
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  • Arran R WArran R W1,338,504
    Posted on 09 June 19 at 21:55
    Thanks for the quick turnaround since my post, also thanks to all involved. I look forward to trying out the walkthrough.
  • ZaeloRaeZaeloRae745,134
    Posted on 30 June 19 at 04:21, Edited on 04 July 19 at 23:26 by ZaeloRae
    The walkthrough has been great, for the most part. I was having trouble finding certain places the first time. Took forever to find the kitchen, so I think some direction would help at least for the first time the player needs to go to a new room in the house.

    I was also confused in chapter three, because the room I was instructed to go to was the Study.
    Head back towards the study. SAVE RIGHT OUTSIDE THE STUDY.
    Seeing this, I thought this was the same room as the one from chapter one.
    Go to study door and try to unlock the door. Open your inventory and rotate the pieces of the key you just got to match the lock in front of you to gain access to the study.
    In truth, I needed to go to the room referred to as the living room in chapter two.
    Go to living room. Examine the photo on top of fireplace. Rotate photo. Examine blood. Short QTE.
    I wasted a lot of time before I figured it out.

    Edit: Finished the game. I appreciate the walkthrough and the effort that went into making it.
    I did want to mention that in chapter five, the room previously referred to as the study is called something different, although it was not as confusing as the above.

    Go into upstairs office, examine desk, examine globe, examine globe again for dialog. Examine castle model.
  • lfcjohnlfcjohn1,126,911
    Posted on 11 July 19 at 10:19
    im confused when i try to follow the walkthrough after the 1st achievement, after leave the room, it indicate to go kitchen but no direction is given.
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  • Dang3R GamingDang3R Gaming1,393,401
    Posted on 11 July 19 at 10:23
    Yeah this was mentioned on another thread, we've put the walkthrough on our list for needing improvement, as the state it's in is confusing people or not all that helpful.
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