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Tough Choices may get a fix

  • Chaos MythologyChaos Mythology1,369,370
    Posted on 18 October 18 at 15:08, Edited on 08 April 19 at 21:32 by Chaos MythologyPermalink
    So I emailed them and this is what they sent back.

    sorry for the late answer, we discussed the matter of the achievement and most likely we will re-design the way the achievement can be unlocked. We would like to ask your kind patience until these changes will be implemented in the live version of the game.''

    So at least they know about it
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    Posted on 21 October 18 at 13:47Permalink
    Lets hope its not too long then.
  • No PoliticsNo Politics907,212
    Posted on 21 October 18 at 22:18Permalink
    Should have seen this coming. Game never should have been ported to begin with, at its state. Let's hope it's something quick and simple.
  • Posted on 22 October 18 at 10:28Permalink
    Actually, it is a shame. All the bugs, bad design choices and basic stuff that should be working from the beginning. The game is literally dying slowly. Multiplayer is currently not working much potencial going to waste
  • Siwalker69Siwalker69570,322
    Posted on 25 October 18 at 18:50Permalink
    Agreed.... wish they'd brought that FPS game to the Xbox though. If the PS4 keeps knocking out ace games and the Xbox devolves further into a mobile game/ MP only console games I may have to switch out... proper bored
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  • Posted on 06 November 18 at 22:50Permalink
    What is there to be fixed? I am I missing something? The game doesn’t have enough story in it to reach the end of the radical or Puritan paths. I expect the season story editions will fix that.
  • jackanapejackanape1,025,946
    Posted on 07 November 18 at 15:22Permalink
    The game was meant to have ways to get Morality points outside of the story (via Priority Assignments etc) but this feature got broken after the first week - I got one mission for 5 extra points in that time and none since.

    The first extra story content (the Chaos Undivided campaign) in the game DID have morality choices but they didn't actually give you any points for some reason. So the only ones that have counted so far are the ones in the main quests. Hence why it needs a fix.
  • FlabyoFlabyo276,422
    Posted on 08 November 18 at 08:12Permalink
    There’s another moral choice in the drukhari quest, but no idea if it counted for points, I forgot to check.
  • Posted on 17 November 18 at 03:24, Edited on 17 November 18 at 03:25 by KilldbyNecropsyPermalink
    Ah, well, I stand corrected then. I did get morality points from the drukhari choices.
  • Posted on 09 January 19 at 04:35Permalink
    Any update on this? I got the game as a Christmas present and have yet to start it. Neocore has seemed to be pretty good with fixing the Van helsing issues in the past.
  • BigNev44BigNev441,415,422
    Posted on 10 January 19 at 03:44Permalink
    It looks like the Tough Choices achievement is obtainable now.

    Someone unlocked it cause it now says 0.01% of gamers unlocked it.
  • Posted on 24 January 19 at 01:19, Edited on 24 January 19 at 01:19 by KilldbyNecropsyPermalink
    Still says no one has unlocked it.
  • BigNev44BigNev441,415,422
    Posted on 24 January 19 at 04:51Permalink
    I know, i said nobody on TA unlocked it but some people did cause if you look at the achievement from your Xbox, it now says 0.02% gamers unlocked it.

    If it was still unobtainable, it would still say 0.00% (eg. Darksiders 2 Deathinitive Edition BFA achievement)
  • FlabyoFlabyo276,422
    Posted on 24 January 19 at 13:45Permalink
    It was possible to unlock it in the period where some people were playing advance copies before release, but something changed before the general release of the game that removed some of the choices so now there aren't enough.
  • Chaos MythologyChaos Mythology1,369,370
    Posted on 24 January 19 at 14:55Permalink
    how about some of you guys play it and find out, I'm hoping it will
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  • BigNev44BigNev441,415,422
    Posted on 07 February 19 at 05:50Permalink
    You're further than us so why don't you try and find out, i'm hoping it will as well but i'm still early in game.
  • Posted on 19 February 19 at 23:17Permalink
    Well newest dlc adds two more morality choices. I’m now at 225/300.
  • jackanapejackanape1,025,946
    Posted on 20 February 19 at 09:12Permalink
    I only need 15 morality for the achievement, so hopefully the DLC pushes me over the line in that case. Good to know.
  • I am ScurvyI am Scurvy277,618
    Posted on 20 February 19 at 22:23Permalink
    The DLC took me to 300 and no cheevo unlocked :-(
  • Posted on 20 February 19 at 22:25Permalink
    I am Scurvy said:
    The DLC took me to 300 and no cheevo unlocked :-(
    Did you contact neocore?
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