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Tough Choices may get a fix

  • FlabyoFlabyo276,422
    Posted on 01 April 19 at 08:47Permalink
    Relatedly: I’ve started seeing morality choices turn up in random priority assignments again.
  • jackanapejackanape1,025,946
    Posted on 09 April 19 at 20:44, Edited on 11 April 19 at 07:15 by jackanapePermalink
    Done four different starmap missions while at max Puritan level and still no achievement. Honestly fuck this game.

    Guess I’ll just live with the missing achievement.

    If anyone who got this (after the patch) can say exactly how they made it unlock I'd be grateful. As going on their forums seems pointless - they just say to play a starmap mission, which I've done 10+ times.

    EDIT: Ok, if you've maxed out the morality bar and it still doesn't pop up, even after doing another mission on the Starmap, then here is what you need to do. Go onto the Neocore forums and tell them your gamertag and what console you're playing on (Xbox One - but this issue is on PS4 as well) - then they will do a manual "check" on your profile and you'll be able to unlock the achievement on the next mission you complete.

    Clearly the patch isn't fully working but Neocore can manually do something to your profile to force unlock the achievement, as a bunch of people have got it now on the very next mission after posting on the forums.

    Can add to my post here, or start your own:
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