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medal at highway to sunny hills - how to get it?

HFD R3m0t3 j03
Posted on 21 October 18 at 12:48
i don't know how to get the one, camera always turns away when in construction view
Gamer Freak JTM
Posted on 21 October 18 at 19:39
I will post it now.
Gamer Freak JTM
Posted on 02 December 18 at 15:41
I brought an item out there (Ex: concrete bucket) then the largest crane and lifted the item towards the coin and had it on Hook View and was able to select the medal.
Posted on 28 December 18 at 19:12
I used the 1300 Mobile Crane and had to extend it straight up all the way. I didn't have an item on the end and it still let me select it from the hook camera.
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