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Posted on 23 October 18 at 20:52, Edited on 23 October 18 at 23:36 by vin82727
Just wondering if anyone still plays this game? Looking to get the achievement. Message me if you want to. Seriously doubt anyone plays this anymore, lol.
Analyse Master
Posted on 11 November 18 at 19:09
Im looking for boosters
Analyse Master
Posted on 30 January 19 at 09:57
Are the servers still running for the X1 version?
Servers for 360 version have been down for months with no explanation offered from Carbon (ive sent them multiple emails).

Be warned angry
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A Boss Monster
Posted on 31 January 19 at 08:22
The servers for Xbox one are up and running... for now. Carbon won't respond as they have no control over this, it is an Ubisoft issue. Also do not purchase the starter pack if you plan on starting this or if you just want the pack. I bought it and not only did I not get the items, the game kicks you out every 10-15 seconds with a server issue.
Shut your crap, York.
Elite 0f War
Elite 0f War
Posted on 03 February 19 at 22:13
Feel free to add me if you want to boost this game !
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