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Could use help with -

Posted on 24 October 18 at 01:51, Edited on 26 October 18 at 15:03 by AwakeDeadeye
I'm not the best at this game, I won't pretend I am. I could use some help with a couple of thing if anyone want's to help with one.

1. Killing Kela de Thaym of Merrow, Sedna. She's just too tough for me, no matter how many sniper rounds I put in her head she just shrugs it off and jumps around the map blowing everything up.

2. Would like to have Saryn and Chroma for my collection, which I would need the Saryn parts and an extra Saryn systems for the Chroma systems. Found by killing Kela de Thaym...... or by trading if someone wants to give extras.

3. The Glast Gambit Match 4. I don't remember how since it's been awhile but I lost this twice doing it solo and I'm tired of getting the 160k credits just to lose them on this stupid mission. I'm don't play with others so I don't know if everyone needs the 160k or not but I would assume so.

4. Time limited Day of the Dead time trial. I can get close doing it solo but I'm always a few seconds short. If someone wants to help me get the Orokin Reactor I'd be grateful.

If you want to help message me on Xbox or Ta, chances are I'll forget I posted this.
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