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Achievements not unlocking

  • Posted on 26 October 18 at 22:00
    So I’m using the guide for this game and none of the achievements have unlocked so far, should have 3 and nothing. The achievements in question don’t even say “obtained/unlocking.” Is this a recent problem with the game?
  • MishqqaMishqqa317,024
    Posted on 28 October 18 at 09:00
    same was for me , unlocked after a few days , and i missed one , how to start a new game ? cos it loads last checkpoint for me
  • Lord MidasLord Midas391,717
    Posted on 30 December 18 at 00:06, Edited on 31 December 18 at 10:08 by Lord Midas
    it's the Fish for me.
    I clicked every possible fish and still nothing. attempted this checkpoint several times too.
    seems glitched

    The Fish chv unlocked 24 hours later. And I wasn't even playing on Xbox. I'd started playing Total War: Warhammer 2 and the Xbox app on my PC just popped the chv notification. All good then :)
  • CyberPunch83CyberPunch83532,615 532,615 GamerScore
    Posted on 02 January 20 at 21:59
    The 'Curious' achievement still hasn't unlocked for me. I've reinstalled the game, beat both the whole game and that section multiple times, and spent much time on the official club page, but nothing has worked. I've even earned other achievements in the interim and that hasn't helped. I don't know what to do anymore.
  • Posted on 15 March 20 at 22:45
    The first one, Persistent, will not unlock for me.
  • CyberPunch83CyberPunch83532,615 532,615 GamerScore
    Posted on 15 September 21 at 16:31
    I finally managed to unlock 'Curious' the other day. First off, I played on a different console than my own (fiance's One X). I also deleted my save file from everywhere, including the cloud, and started the game from scratch. The achievement unlocked on time with no issues. Not entirely sure why I didn't think to try this earlier.

    Worth nothing this also worked for my fiance who couldn't unlock her last achievement in Western Press. Delete save files, start from scratch.
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