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Ranked , Casual Network errors workaround

Posted on 28 October 18 at 17:18
Hi All.
I was having the same issue as everyone with network problems but found something that works for me. Do the normal ranked search and when you search push the guide button. Stay in the guide until the character select screen. I was unable to get one game and kept getting the network error. Now when I open the guide while searching I have already managed to finish all online achievements.

For casual games push A to ready up and immediately push the guide button.

Give it a go and hopefully it works for you as well.

Summary : search for ranked or join casual room. As soon as it finds a opponent push the guide button. Wait until match connects and you choose players , push guide button to return to game.

Video for Reference :

If anyone needs a separate video for casual or getting a game while training please let me know and I will create seperate videos for those as well.
Posted on 28 October 18 at 19:45
I've tried that and still doesn't work for me. Hopefully they patch it. I imagine what is needed is for both people on both ends to hit the guide button otherwise one will still time out or freeze up if that's what is happening.
Desi Shinobi
Desi Shinobi
Posted on 28 October 18 at 20:27
I’ve trief the method now several times and no luck still
Posted on 05 November 18 at 10:03
Still doesn't work for me...
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