Game Discussion: Dante's Inferno

karma is a bitch huh?

  • Posted on 30 October 18 at 19:15Permalink
    My offer still stands
  • BigNev44BigNev441,265,510
    Posted on 30 October 18 at 20:44Permalink
    I'd donate money on stream to see that.

    I remember reading that, i didn't think it'd be possible.
  • EvandalistEvandalist347,748
    Posted on 31 October 18 at 05:28Permalink
    I'd throw in a donation as well. Get enough people interested and you can turn this in to a nice profit turning experience.

    Werner Herzog did it in 1980, and I'd be willing to bet he doesn't have even half the TA score that you do.
    Here lies a trite quote from somebody in history you might recognize. It's delightfully witty, yet concurrently incisive, and not at all pretentious.
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