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NEW Online Boosting

  • EricGarcia4EricGarcia4439,401
    Posted on 31 October 18 at 14:24Permalink
    Anyone want to boost these multiplayer achievements. Looking to start this game this week or next depending if I find people.

    GT: EricGarcia4
  • EricGarcia4EricGarcia4439,401
    Posted on 04 November 18 at 13:48Permalink
    I’m done with the multiplayer achievements but if you need help send me a message.
  • MrInflictionMrInfliction678,441
    Posted on 27 November 18 at 17:45Permalink
    Gaming session created for December 11th. If any of you would like to boost some of those MP achievements, join my session or send me a PM and we can schedule a session.
  • Enjay JonesEnjay Jones199,557
    Posted on 28 November 18 at 16:06Permalink
    Hey, although it's not strictly an achievement, I'm looking to complete the Dedsec Rig outfit. I've got the hat, mask and pants but I've got no idea how to boost "The Persecution" Dedsec Event in order to unlock the shoes... Any ideas?
  • Jakub1471SSJakub1471SS613,713
    Posted on 16 March 19 at 10:14Permalink
    Hi, I'm looking for players interested in boosting online achievements, especially Bounty Hunter and Showdown. Let me know either here or on xbox live.
  • Posted on 23 March 19 at 23:41Permalink
    Invite me ! I have all of them except the Showdown achievement. We can boost it together just send me a message on Xbox.
  • brillejonibrillejoni351,769
    Posted on 26 June 19 at 16:41Permalink
    Yo! need help with the showdown achievement! anyone?
  • Posted on 19 August 19 at 02:00Permalink
    Interested in boosting for this last achievement. Add me on XBL if you'd like to help or get help.
  • Posted on 24 August 19 at 22:49Permalink
    Add crunkin jamaica i want too boost aswell there is a 4 player private lobby
  • Xtreme SSJ 3Xtreme SSJ 3169,539
    Posted on 22 September 19 at 08:48Permalink
    need help with the showdown achievement
  • Project A KOProject A KO424,640
    Posted on 06 October 19 at 17:19Permalink
    I'm looking for people interested in boosting the Showdown and Bounty Hunter achievements. Send me a message if interested. Thanks!
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