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rad fad
rad fad
Posted on 02 November 18 at 04:41
First, I want to state that this is not a thread to bash anybody. But my question is, how do people find the time to play and 100% complete so many games? Gaming is pretty much my one and only hobby but I can barely find the time between work, family, having a social life, etc. to get in a Horde match, let alone start a long one player story based game.

I really want to enjoy games like Red Dead, Farcry, Assassins Creed, Elder Scrolls, Witcher series, etc etc but the length of these games to complete and explore usually intimidates and stops me before I even start.

Tips, solutions? What's the balance? Throw away social life? Ignore real life friends? Stop eating and going to the bathroom?
Posted on 02 November 18 at 05:54
Over the last year I’ve gotten 200k gamerscore for a competition I’m in. You need to be a certain type of person to be able to place so much of your time into video games

You need to be completely invested into achievements. Once I bought multiple consoles and a ridiculous amount of games, I felt excited and overwhelmed. There’s so many to complete, and so little time. There are so many people above me that I need to surpass. That is how I feel sometimes.

The addiction becomes more important than other priorities. You can’t be slow or you’ll fall behind.

On average people with a million gamer score play 10 hours a day. That means work 8 hours, play 10 hours. That leaves 6 hours for other necessities. It’s all about how you manage your time. If u went to college, did u sacrifice sleep for study time? It’s the same thing, except we get to enjoy the games. Of course there are some toxic people who hate what they do and are hopelessly addicted to turn around.

I’m 18 years old so I ask the same question about the top 10 players on Xbox. They are grown men, mostly with kids and of course jobs to make up for the $ they spend. I think it all comes down to understanding how people operate when consumed by a goal. These people are the most competitive in the world.

It’s hard to imagine for someone with a fruitous life, as it’s hard for a sane person to understand a serial killer. Many will lie and say that what I just described is an exaggeration because many people cannot accept when they have a problem. Though to them this may not be a problem, because they don’t care if they waste 15 years of their only life working towards a fictitious #. People are different, simple as that.

I can’t wait for GTASC to end in a month, I get to finally get some rest. Burn out/motivation is a whole nother story!
A Dreadful Shot
Posted on 02 November 18 at 07:38, Edited on 02 November 18 at 07:39 by A Dreadful Shot
As Inferno stated, it simply comes down to priority. Do you want to watch that TV show, or earn achievements? Do you want to spend time with certain people, or earn achievements? If you want something bad enough, you’ll find time.

I’m only 19 and didn’t start achievement hunting “religiously” until about a year and a half ago. I’m still at the very bottom in terms of gamerscore and still have a long way to go. But if one thing’s for certain, I’m definitely determined and will put as much time as possible into achievement hunting as I can. Still so many games I’ve yet to complete, just writing this is taking away precious gaming time. laugh
Living Legends
Posted on 02 November 18 at 08:35
Y'all very young. Coming from a 29 year old I barely have time to game four hours a day. Weekends are non existent for gaming and my streak is save by by puddings. Nonetheless, I work and have a wife with dogs and a house to maintain. Not including helping my mom I can game during the week for about four hours. Responsibilities take too much of my time. Training two dogs also took my gaming time.

I am officially requesting a sugar momma to take care of me. dont hesitate to drop a PM
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