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Red Dead Redemption 2 Legendary Fish Guide and Locations

  • Posted on 02 November 18 at 17:27
    There's 14 legendary fish in Red Dead Redemption 2 waiting for you to capture, and they're all over the map! This guide breaks down what you need to catch them, and their locations.

    You're going to find a lot to keep you busy in Red Dead Redemption 2. Not only are you worried about all of the challenges, side missions, and customization options, but you're also on the trail of extraordinary creatures waiting for you to catch them in the exotic outdoors. One of the notable animals you can hunt in the game are legendary fish, and they're scattered throughout the countryside for you to pursue.

    This guide breaks down how to start the quest, the supplies you need, how many fishes there are, and their locations. There are 14 fish in total to catch.

    Starting The Quest and Hunting Gear

    To begin your journey, you need to speak to someone in the world who is going to provide you with the map to where you can find all of the legendary fish. This person is named Gill, and you can meet them at Gill's Landing, located at the shore of Flat Iron Lake. When you get there and speak to Gill, he's going to give you a map to all of the legendary fish locations scattered throughout the frontier.

    When you first get the map, it's a little vague on where you need to go. Because it's not entirely clear, we break down where you need to go later on. But to capture these legendary animals, you're going to need special supplies!

    You've probably located a handful of shops in the world selling you some simple lures and bait if you need it, but to find the best gear you'll want to go head to the Bait and Tackle shop in Lagras. They have everything you're going to need, including the unique lures and bait designed explicitly for these monstrous fish.

    Here's a breakdown on what type of bait you're going to want to use for every fish:

    Bluegill: Cheese
    Bullhead Catfish: Corn
    Chain Pickerel: Corn
    Lake Sturgeon: Lake Lure
    Largemouth Bass: Crayfish
    Longnose Gar: Swamp Lure
    Muskie: Lake Lure
    Perch: Bread
    Redfin Pickerel: Bread
    Rock Bass: Any natural bait
    Smallmouth Bass: Any natural bait
    Sockeye Salmon: River lure
    Steelhead Trout: Worms

    Legendary Fish Locations

    Now we're at the meat of the details! Here's where you can find each of the different legendary fish freely swimming throughout the world, waiting to provide you with a worthy fishing challenge.

    Legendary Bluegill -- Flat Iron Lake

    The first legendary fish in our list is the Bluegill. You're going to find this beauty just southwest to the city of Rhodes. The best location to capture it is near the small outstretched piece of land, pointing towards Flat Iron Lake.

    Legendary Bullhead Catfish -- Sisika Penitentiary Island

    The next place we're going is clear on the other side of the map! So, hopefully, you've unlocked the fast travel system by now. We're going to the Penitentiary Island, located clear on the eastern side of the map. The best location for you to find your prize is to the west of the prison itself. Try to find a decent spot between the two islands.

    Legendary Chain Pickerel -- Dakota River

    Our next step takes us back to the middle of the map, over to the Dakota River. The best spot along this curved river is to the north of Flatneck station. Try anywhere along this front to seek out your prey. This fish proved the most troublesome to locate, due to the broad river, but you can narrow down its exact location using the map Gill provided you earlier.

    Legendary Largemouth Bass -- San Luis River

    Now that you've gotten a taste for these delectable fish, it's time for the endurance run for an honestly far away location. We're headed all the way across to the southwestern part of the map, over by the San Luis River. The best spot to find this monster of a fish is to go near the western portion of the river. Try to order essay and run across this stretch of land every couple minutes if you do not have the best luck locating this creature -- it can take a little bit!

    Legendary Lake Sturgeon -- Kamassa River

    We're bouncing all over the map in this challenge! Our next challenge takes us back to the center, to the south west of Saint Denis. Like an actual sturgeon, you'll have the most luck the closer you are to a large body of water. Your best bet is to the use the small islands as a stomping ground, keeping your fishing line pointed to Lannaheche River.

    Legendary Longnose Gar -- Lake Lagras

    Thankfully, we're not going too far for our next catch! To the north of Saint Denis, you'll see Lake Lagras. We're going to find our longnose gar swimming around there, and the best spot is closer to the southern part of the body of water, right where the lake feeds into the Kamassa River.

    Legendary Muskie -- Lannaheche River

    We're sticking close to civilization with our next fish. You can find it swimming around the eastern portion of the Van Horn Trading Post. Try fishing around the small piece of land reaching out into the Lannahece River, just south of the trading post.

    Legendary Perch -- Elysian Pool

    After you've caught your legendary muskie, head northwest and make your way to the Elysian Pool. It's to the south of Annesburg, but you'll have better luck staying at Van Horn and riding there. Because the Elysian Pool is a bit smaller than the previous locations, fishing anywhere into it should be enough for you capture the legendary perch.

    Legendary Redfin Pickerel -- Stillwater Creek

    Unfortunately, those last two were too close together. Now we have to return to New Austin, on the southwest part of the map, and make a journey of it! The next fishing spot is to the west of Thieves Landing, at Stillwater Creek. Try catching this elusive fish at any of the locations reaching out from the Lower Montana River. Make sure to use Gill's map to get a better idea of where to find the fish!

    Legendary Rock Bass -- Aurora Basin

    Here we go, final four! The next fish takes you to the west of Blackwater, to the Aurora Basin, right on the edge of the map. You can fish at any location along the shore of this body of water to capture the legendary rock bass.

    Legendary Smallmouth Bass -- Owanjila

    We're headed north to the body of water called Owanjila, to the west of Strawberry. Again, we're close to the edge of the map. Try fishing in Owanjila, as far away from Strawberry as possible to capture your prize.

    Legendary Sockeye Salmon -- Lake Isabella

    Again, we're going north! A great little road trip to finish up this mighty challenge. Our next stop takes us to Lake Isabella, to the northwest of Mount Hagen. You'll most likely find your legendary sockeye salmon swimming around the southern part of the lake, close to the mountain.

    Legendary Steelhead Trout -- Brandywine Drop

    The final fish in our big lineup, the steelhead trout! This notable fish is swimming through Brandywine Drop river. However, you're going to want to fish at the part of the water closest to the edge of the map. Try going north to the train tracks that run through the area, and you should find your final prize.

    Legendary Catfish -- The Final Catch

    But wait, there's 14 fish, and you've only captured 13. Where's the last one? The last one is acquired by turning in all of the other fish, and then a character, Jeremy, sends you an invitation to visit him at his fishing hut for a hunting expedition. This little side mission is where you acquire the final legendary fish, and finish the collection. How convenient!
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