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Cheevo's not popping giving odd Unlock Order

  • GJChesterGJChester265,722
    Posted on 03 November 18 at 07:31, Edited on 04 November 18 at 09:23 by GJChester
    Anyone else seeing some odd unlocking of cheevos in Ratalaika games.

    If you exit to home and power the Xbox one off then later power it up and go back in to the games things done always unlock till you have closed the game in memory by loading something else then going back to it.

    I've just got the 10 level achievement today but the 5 hasn't popped, and I saw it in Jack and Jill DX where I think I got the "Win a mini game" after the "Unlock a minigame" as the "unlock mini game" didn't unlock first time.

    Easily fixed by deleting the save and re-trying but annoying..
  • LV 1 Blue SlimeLV 1 Blue Slime1,116,068
    Posted on 03 November 18 at 11:28, Edited on 03 November 18 at 11:30 by LV 1 Blue Slime
    A lot of games have troubles "restoring" or whatever it's called when you turn off the One. I think Pier Solar was the last game I played with that problem. You have to fully close them when you're done playing for it to work correctly, that may be the case here as well. Basically press the home button, highlight the game, press start, and choose quit. After you've saved of course.
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