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Information Posted on 04 November 18 at 14:58
Please use this thread to discuss the Agatha Knife walkthrough
That Guy086
That Guy086
Posted on 04 November 18 at 23:29
Looking forward to this one.
Information Posted on 06 November 18 at 07:54
The walkthrough has now been published.

You can find it here: Agatha Knife Walkthrough
Posted on 28 November 18 at 22:02, Edited on 29 November 18 at 15:29 by derektwopointoh
You recommend not worrying about the “don’t spend any money” achievement simply for the benefit of enjoying the first playthrough. However it seems like the “spend money” objectives in the WT should be marked as the second playthrough instead of the first. This would allow people to only need to play 1 1/2 playthroughs instead of two full playthroughs. I could be wrong but doing it this way should allow players to get the full 1K after unlocking the “Licence to Read” achievement in their second playthrough, assuming they didn’t spend money or use hints on their first playthrough. This could easily shave off an hour of gameplay during the monotonous second playthrough.

Part 4:
-The Book of Books achievement unlocks soon after getting it off the shelf at the library but the WT places it after giving the book to the comic shop owner
-At the boutique, spending money isn’t an option if you’ve followed the “spend money” playthrough of the WT because Agatha’s remaining money isn’t sufficient for an alteration. The tailor refuses and requires a dog burger instead, therefore requiring players to use the “don’t spend money” method for this objective.

Part 5:
The bucket on the lever puzzle needs precise instructions and timing so I wrote this in case you want to include it. Otherwise it’s a total crapshoot and gets frustrating to try it without a strategy.
-Place the bucket on the lever and then interact with the bucket again to bring up the A/X prompt. Now, as soon as you see the correct pattern (A1, A2, B1, B8), start counting the 13 patterns starting with the one right after the correct one. As soon as the 11th pattern shows up, quickly press X so that Agatha takes off the bucket in time for it to land on the correct pattern (#13).
-It’s worth mentioning that the achievement unlocked for me after my first attempt but I kept doing the puzzle until I got the right pattern. I have no idea if this affects anything but I’m assuming that you can’t progress the story without getting the pattern right before proceeding.

Edit: After using my own solution for this puzzle on my second playthrough, I noticed that it didn’t work because the number of patterns was 12 instead of the 13 in my first playthrough. So instead of pressing X on the 11th one, I simply adjusted the solution so that I pressed it on the 10th one. So it seems that the number of patterns may be random but pressing X when the sequence is two patterns before the correct one works either way. You just have to count the number of patterns and subtract two in order to know when to press X.

Thanks for doing this WT. It was very helpful and I hope my feedback has been constructive and helpful as well.
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