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Eternal Announced For Xbox One

  • Posted on 05 November 18 at 23:30
    Guns and Sorcery? Sounds like ShadowRun
    The new dashboard sux!
  • Posted on 05 November 18 at 23:40
    Cool. The first game that can never be delisted.
  • CalrethiCalrethi85,185
    Posted on 06 November 18 at 18:47
    Mike Pitch said:
    Calrethi said:
    Mike Pitch said:
    Do cards/progress carry across platforms? Would probably give this a try if I could work on it on my phone and then come back and pop some achievements on the Xbox.
    It has 100% crossplay, so Xbox/phone/steam all the same account :)

    I imagine its why its Xbox and not on PS4 :)
    Thanks! Downloaded it and set up my account. Looks good, may play it even if I decide to not go for the achievements.
    Enjoy it!
    When it went live on steam all achievements already finished popped, I assume same will happen for xbox :)
  • segagamersegagamer466,170 466,170 GamerScore
    Posted on 21 November 18 at 23:48
    I might play this a bit on my phone then and see if I can 'get into it' before I add this to my gamertag.

    If it really is a difficult completion though I might not ever add it though lol
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