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Bring back online

Posted on 05 November 18 at 19:52
If you would like to see Burnout back online, please voice your feedback to the official EA forums
DarkB1ade X
DarkB1ade X
Posted on 10 November 18 at 06:38
That's not going to do anything since it's EA. I tried to alert them about the Burnout Crash servers not working before the official shutdown and they just kept telling me to write about it there where it was ignored for months. Tried the forums, Twitter, and even waited 40 minutes to contact their customer service and got nothing from it all. That was before the servers were taken down, it's even less likely they will go back and reactivate the servers for a game they already shutdown.
GsO Light
136,425 136,425 GamerScore
GsO Light
Posted on 08 January 19 at 20:30
EA's reason for shutting down servers has always been "everyone moves to the new edition of the game" which is understandable with the sports titles.. but not like they release Burnout every year, they're so god damn cheap
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