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Looking for Zombie Buddies

C 0 0 P 3 R 1
Posted on 10 August 19 at 21:45
I'm in need of someone good for zombies not done any EE's yet and I'd love finish this game before the new one.

Feel free to add want do ix first as I'm sick of seeing it!
x Atalaius x
x Atalaius x
Posted on 12 August 19 at 15:25
I neeed help with ancient evil easter egg , its the lastone achievement to complete the game, i can help with rhe others , my Gamertag is x Atalaius x
C 0 0 P 3 R 1
Posted on 12 August 19 at 18:04
I've added you mate.... And I'll do some research and download the dlc
Posted on 12 August 19 at 18:41
I need Ancient Evil and Dead of the Night. Willing to help others in any EEs missing. I don’t know all the steps but I am a good zombies player and I can train. Hit me up, GamerTag: Bolsa68
Celtic Corpze
Celtic Corpze
Posted on 17 August 19 at 18:44
I'm a bit rusty with the base game EEs, but i'm happy to help with any of the DLC maps toast
Posted on 31 August 19 at 02:25
im down add me
Avenge El Chapo
Posted on 01 September 19 at 06:17
I need someone to run with to get all the zombies achievements as well. Add me on xbox but send me a message as well I’m just starting the game now.
Theres still a lot of work to be done in the mcc 343i
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