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PUBG, Hellblade, 14 More Games Announced for Xbox Game Pass

  • Posted on 13 November 18 at 01:20Permalink
    I’m still setting on my 14 day trial. I’ll probably wait until the next Halo comes out to use it but I’m glad to see them adding a lot of new games for current members. It seemed like for awhile they were announcing games that were leaving en masse and adding back almost nothing so this is good news.
  • iMaginaryyiMaginaryy1,438,466
    Posted on 13 November 18 at 01:46, Edited on 13 November 18 at 01:46 by iMaginaryyPermalink
    XenomorphFiend said:
    Living Legends said:
    XenomorphFiend said:
    Thief Of Thieves is available now, and doesn't have achievements?
    they have not gone live yet
    Isn't it odd that a game released without its achievements live, though? Sorry if I'm being too dense, I'm genuinely perplexed, and, well, I don't want to start playing a game that'll have achievements added later. I might as well wait at that point.
    AFAIK games almost ALWAYS release with achievements not live - you're just not usually there for the actual release. Usually there was some early access, or review copies, or you were simply asleep.

    In any case, it is extremely common. And yes, you're better off waiting until they're live to avoid possible headaches.
    Fear is the mindkiller.
  • JBS 80JBS 80560,374
    Posted on 14 November 18 at 10:27Permalink
    @ Unpredictable D (and anyone else that wasn't having the 6-month 29.99 deal show up for them): When I checked on my console today a drop down menu had appeared allowing me to choose between 6-months for 29.97 or 1-month for 9.99. Maybe give it a few days and it might show up for you. Another thing that might have helped is that I turned off recurring billing on my current 1-month subscription a day or two ago. Maybe this needs time to process before other options show up?
  • Posted on 14 November 18 at 17:51Permalink
    @ JBS 80...ok, thanks for the info, I tried turning off recurring billing, gonna check in the next few days
    audiosurf for xbox, please !
  • SeitzzSeitzz789,395
    Posted on 22 November 18 at 16:26Permalink
    Dang, either I own it or I'm not interested. I think I'll be waiting to use my 3-month code when Halo Infinite comes out
  • ParadoxReal8ParadoxReal8726,366
    Posted on 22 November 18 at 16:44Permalink
    Where did you see this ?

    Skuller 1O1 said:
    Current subscribers can also get 50% off a 6 month plan, which for me was $35 CAD and it's on until Jan 3rd as well
  • ParadoxReal8ParadoxReal8726,366
    Posted on 22 November 18 at 17:55Permalink
    I'm current subscriber and this is nowhere to be found. I even called xbox and they said that was only for new subscribers, but, of course, it mean nothing because they are often wrong, but I still can't see it
  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,322,945
    Posted on 01 March 19 at 09:53Permalink
    AngryNiveki said:
    I still want to own Ori and the WotW though- so will be buying that as well despite being a GP member... I'll never learn
    As you should. The Ori franchise deserves so much more than to be a throw-away addition to game pass. I pray that it will benefit from greater visibility, but the reality (I feel) is that not many people will buy it after playing it on gamepass. If its sales suffer, that is a disservice to how great the first one was (and surely WotW will be). It SHOULD be considered Microsoft's answer to Mario. cry
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