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Destiny and Endings ( *** SPOILERS *** )

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    Posted on 12 November 18 at 04:05, Edited on 13 November 18 at 01:51 by Ry FryyPermalink
    This will be a work in progress, as I am asking for input from the community. And as stated in the title this will contain MAJOR SPOILERS.

    I want to break down all the major decisions you will make in the game and how that will affect what you do at the conclusion of the game. Firstly, what are all the major choices the game presents that will affect your destiny?

    Drinking. You are presented with a few opportunities to drink alcohol in the game. Doing so has an effect on your destiny.

    Unholy Books. There are several unholy books you find throughout the game. Reading them has an effect on your destiny.

    Drake. There are several major decisions related to Algernon Drake. Accepting or declining help from him, giving him the amulet, and saving him during the Shambler fight. Saving him is required for the counter ritual ending.

    R'lyehian. The game often gives you the choice to reply in R'lyehian and doing so affects your destiny.

    Leviathan's Knowledge. When you are visited by Leviathan in jail, you are offered knowledge. You have the choice to accept or decline.

    Leviathan's Visions. These come in the form of choosing to take the medicine, eat the food, and shoot Doctor Fuller.

    Officer Bradley. When Bradley frees you from your jail cell, you can either leave him in torment or put him out of his misery. This affects your destiny.

    These are all I can remember at the moment. Any corrections or did I miss any?

    My next question is about how occultism points affect your destiny. Do we know having full points in this stat will present different options in the end?
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