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Chapter 9 help

  • Posted on 12 November 18 at 14:46Permalink
    How the hell do I get out of this puzzle? I keep going through a mirror that takes me into the washing room but I can't find a way out. This shit is confusing man lol.
  • Ry FryyRy Fryy383,523
    Posted on 13 November 18 at 01:50Permalink
    You use both the lanterns to remove the glyphs that are blocking your path. The one lantern shows a path you follow to the glyph and use right trigger to remove. Once that glyph is removed you can remove the shield blocking your block with the same glyph on it. The other lantern is basically used to navigate around, as it can open doors that are barricaded with the other lantern.
  • Posted on 13 November 18 at 14:03Permalink
    Yeah I finally figured it out yesterday with the help of a Youtube video. That was the worst part of the game so far. I'm gonna have to do it again for the alternate ending too. facepalm
  • TobyLinnTobyLinn183,688
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