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Frustrated on combat section in DO

Posted on 16 November 18 at 23:01
Playing on deadly obsession difficulty, first playthrough. Mostly fine except some irritating platform elements, but I've gotten to a spot that's driving me nuts. It's toward the end of the game (I think), so behind spoiler tags:

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

It's a constant repetition of walk from fire to starting point, skip two cutscenes, throw this switch, throw that switch, walk over here, skip another cutscene, push this thing, throw that switch, move this thing, throw that switch, skip two cutscenes, swim for a little bit, skip two more cutscenes, and then finally start some combat. Occasionally I get spotted immediately and that was ten seconds of gameplay for about seven minutes of reload time and walking. I just want to do the damn combat part without playing a walking sim first.

So, suggestions? Is there a hidden campfire I can get to and save partway through? Is there some combat skill that might make my life easier? I have a pretty solid approach for the first two combat scenes, I often get killed in the third, and then I've never made it past the steady stream of enemies in the next part.
Posted on 26 November 18 at 09:18
On past Tomb Raider games (last gen stuff / pre-reboot) I always did the hardest difficulty first playthrough. Cause usually you only needed one play through back then...

Now, with the in-depth skill trees, boat loads of collectibles & new game plus I just finally gave in (as of Rise) and do a first run on normal difficulty. In Rise, the most efficient way of dealing with swarming enemies was the poison arrows, and the same holds true for Shadow. The poison arrows that make enemies turn on each other combined with all the stealth skills you have make DO combat easy.

It was mentioned in the solution for the DO achievement to upgrade all your stealth, weapons & perception skills in an easier run to make things more manageable for the Obsession run. What I did in my first playthrough was the hard difficulty so I could individually adjust the combat when needed. But was still able to efficiently get 100% and unlock as much of the skill trees as possible.

Keep in mind too, that you're going to get a choice of three new sets of 3 skills on NG+ and those cost 4 points each to you're not going to run out of reasons to level up anytime soon!
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