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Getting to Armageddon region 6 11/20/2018

  • Posted on 20 November 18 at 06:44, Edited on 20 November 18 at 15:38 by OOOHHH YEAAHHH
    I figured it would be cool to post portal locations for each region. It just reset 45 minutes ago so we have nearly 24 hours to find the quickest path to region 6.

    I found one in region 1. to slightly left in the beginning, you'll pass some boulders and go straight for a few seconds and the portal is right in front of you. Should take less than 10 seconds.

    Still trying to find a portal in region 2.

    Title should say Apocalypse not Armageddon lol
  • Posted on 20 November 18 at 10:13
    I don't see the one you're talking about in R1
  • Posted on 20 November 18 at 15:37
    ill record it gimme a second
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 25 November 18 at 15:06
    Keep updating this, i cant get to even region 3 ugh
  • Posted on 25 November 18 at 15:13
    I'd love to but it changes every day and I can't do it by myself.
  • OhMyGoth1OhMyGoth1504,117
    Posted on 26 November 18 at 22:08, Edited on 27 November 18 at 01:25 by OhMyGoth1
    I keep getting to region 4, but I can never find enough speed boosts so I run out of time every time...

    EDIT -- nevermind, today's is super easy. Just hold left on region 3 and there are speed boosts for days
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