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Daily Route Megathread

    Posted on 21 November 18 at 07:42
    In an effort to consolidate information, I'm making this thread so any routes can be submitted/viewed easily by the community without creating many 'temporary' threads. I don't anticipate this thread to be updated daily since some map combos are very difficult, but it would be nice to know when to really grind on a favorable day.

    Please head any submissions with the date, foremost, as it is the most important information, as well as relevant information (game mode/achievement) and simple text and/or video for the route.
    Posted on 21 November 18 at 07:59
    11/21/2018 - Apocalypse Mode

    Region 1: Hold left immediately, go under the worm-hump 2nd from the right, warp

    Region 2: Straight, grab the jump and use it between the mountains, hold left and collect another jump, warp

    *This gets hard, see video*
    Region 3: Hold left as soon as you get the birds power up, this will bring you to a large crossing ball area, stick to the right side and you'll have a decent alley for a while. Cut left across the field when you see the bombs dropping, on the other side you will see a familiar alley from before. After a few obstacles, you're done with the hard part.

    Region 4: Keep straight, this region has 4 slalom + long-jumps with horizontal domino's in-between each. Try keeping to the right after each long-jump to be ready to dodge the domino's.
    *Meteoroid get*

    Video link:

    I'll see how tough region 5 is tomorrow and update if I have any luck. Just wanted to post this early, before bed, since we only have a short time before each reset.
  • Skanker irlSkanker irl992,124
    Posted on 22 November 18 at 03:07
    Great idea.
    Posted on 29 November 18 at 07:43
    11/29/18 - Apocalypse (Montgolfier/Wright)

    Region 1: Keep relatively straight and try to grab the green jump to the right after the crossing balls (you use this jump in region 2 if you don't quite manage 50 air tris), grab jump #2 and use it immediately after passing between the narrow mountains and hold left once you're above the lanes to land in a pile of tris, keep straight and grab a yellow boost and jump #3 before hitting the ramp for the second tris pile (you need to jump before you land as the boost will have you clearing this ramp), hold right a bit and look for the large tumbling cubes, hit the ramp and land in the last tris pile.
    *Montgolfier get*

    You "should" have 50 here, although I am not certain if it's best to cut across the piles or land right in the center. If you are a little short, continue.

    Region 2: Hold left as the bird passes over you until you see "Region 2" (you're looking for two upright pillars to go between), hit the ramp and use your jump just before running into the 2nd tris, keeping straight you should land above a strip of tris that will hopefully be enough to hit 50.
    *Wright get*

    Video link:

    This was a little hard to track since I already got this achievement on a similar layout (mine popped before finishing region 1 and had 3 piles). It seems to me you're best bet is just running apocalypse region 1 daily to see if it has these "jackpots" to land in. As far as Goddard is concerned, I'm very interested to see what lucky layout we need to get.
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