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Title Updates Boosting Completion Times

o KeyserSoeze o
Posted on 21 November 18 at 19:22
Realistically, how long would it take to complete the title updates? I've known about the server closures since they were announced, but I suppose I finally need to make a decision regarding going for them or just letting it lie.

The estimates on this site are usually hit-or-miss, so I thought I'd just leave a post.

Posted on 22 November 18 at 06:35
The lvl 50 achievement is probably 40-50 hours play time, buying premium passes when you can and playing a lot of castle boost sessions. The archangel quest is 10,000 heals. You can average 60 per game if you’re playing well. Each co-op game takes around 15mins including load and search times. That’s like 40 hrs of playing as the cleric. Of course there’s overlap between the two and skill to account for. Most of the other achievements you’ll get along the way for these except the mage and warrior kill achievements. Relatively speaking, they are quick. I average about 17-18 kills per game as the mage, and I’m sure I could be playing better but I’m not that involed. Warrior goes much quicker!
o KeyserSoeze o
Posted on 29 November 18 at 17:52, Edited on 29 November 18 at 17:55 by o KeyserSoeze o
Thank you for the reply, SchiZoPHreNiikz.

I would like to add some of my own numbers here in the event that it serves to help/encourage others.

I started with the base game complete, but nothing unlocked regarding the two TU's.

I started playing this title again last Friday evening, but that was more fiddling around and relearning than anything else, so let's just say that the real grind begin Saturday afternoon (November 24). By yesterday evening (November 28), the following has been my progression over the course of five days of pretty heavy play--for me, at least--as I have had a significant amount of unexpected free time and have averaged about ~8 hours of playtime per day:

Time Recorded In-Game (all values started at 0:00):

Total: 39:58
Warrior: 8:19
Cleric: 12:05
Mage: 14:08

Major Grinds:

Warrior Kills: less than 100 to more than 1000
Cleric Heals: less than 100 to more than 3000
EXP: ~54,000 to ~475,000; (~412,000 total, ~84,000/day)

About a third of the time played was in castle-boosting sessions, reflected by the 14 hours as Mage, and a couple of Cleric.

At this point, I only need a few more launches of "Ultimate Weapon," ~40 more uses of "Wind Swap," 100 builds of Gatling/Rocket, and <7000 Heals to complete this relic grindfest, and Level 50 will come long before those tasks are completed.

I'm just posting these numbers to serve as roadmap. I have been somewhat lazy with this game in terms of trying to "get good" again--my time has been spent optimizing my approaches to these grinds, finding the best methods to complete these achievements as fast as possible with the minimal amount of effort on my part.

If anyone is curious as to my methods, I can post them, but I think there's enough about that already so I won't write it all out unless there's interest. I think these are/can be very average numbers for anyone looking to complete this title.

Edit: Posting did something funky with my syntax; just wrote out "less than" and "more than" instead.
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