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World Domination achievement is broken?

Posted on 24 November 18 at 04:02
Nobody has unlocked it since October 8th. I just completed all venues, 5/5 for all 14 of them, and nothing popped for me. Has anyone else experienced this?
The1 ManInBlack
Posted on 24 November 18 at 22:00
That achievement was popping for playing a live event game. It was the one achievement that was popping mistakenly. It may now be glitched. This game is not worth putting time into. To get legend in Live Run hype, you need 3 million Hype. With a win you can get between 3500-5500 hype per game. With a loss, its between 500-2000 hype. The 3 people that have the achievement played 1300 games. Like a fool I'm doing it and the game is no longer fun. I regret starting this piece of broken trash.
Posted on 25 November 18 at 16:38
3 million?? Christ almighty. And of course, I jump in when the achievement for World Tour is broken. Figures.
Posted on 13 February 19 at 23:12
Is it still broken? Been almost 4 months now and no new unlocks
The1 ManInBlack
Posted on 14 February 19 at 19:53
It might still be.. go to EA answers to file a complaint. They only fixed stuff for me when I threatened them.
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