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Time Limits and Gold Medals

Fuzzmeister J
Fuzzmeister J
Posted on 26 November 18 at 03:18
I've seen many guides saying to skip cut scene to get a gold medal, but I've done 2 missions for the first time and watched everything and got gold just fine. Has this been patched or are people just guessing that need to skip cut scenes because they are not fast enough?
Posted on 26 November 18 at 07:06
it depends on the mission actually, not sure to be honest, but some missions it is better to skip the cut scene if there is "complete in --:--" condition.
i am going through those as well and some i get even while my time exceeds the limit and some i dont get though my timer is still in the ok parameters! weird game honestly
i got a gold medal in the 2nd mission in chapter 4 even though my own timer said i exceeded the 10:40 min mark, but when i finished it i got not sure how it calculate time and from where, still so many questions to be answered about this game
Posted on 04 December 18 at 19:32
I've found the opposite to be true: skipping the cut scenes makes it harder (even impossible) to fulfill the time requirements.

In the starkest example, the Epilogue II mission "Home Improvement For Beginners" requires you to complete in 18 seconds. Every guide I read lists it as the easiest gold medal in the game, but I could not get it after several tries.

Finally, I just let all the cut scenes play and got it on the first try.

I've observed the same behavior on much longer missions too. Either the timer is bugged when you skip the cut scenes, or watching the cut scenes actually grants you some buffer time back.

For the timed missions you get stuck on, I recommend finding a gold medal video walk-through (most of which don't skip the cut scenes, from what I've seen) and playing along with it. If you're keeping up with the pace of the video (cut scenes and all), you should be able to satisfy the time medal requirements regardless of how much real time it actually takes.
Posted on 06 December 18 at 23:42
Sometimes skipping the cutscene definitely helps.

For a quick example, there's a mission in Chapter 6 where Arthur has to rescue a set of horses from a sinking boat and lead them to shore in 1 minute 30 seconds. If you skip the cutscene that shows the boat crashing, you'll start in the water with the horses literally right in front of you. Otherwise you've got to move Arthur off the boat and then swim to the already escaping horses which eats into your time.
Without me, it's just aweso.
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