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Gems in the rough

Posted on 26 November 18 at 17:04
Acheevo for getting 500 gems in Metalhead glitched for me and you cant re-collect the gems once a level has been completed.

Anyone got any solutions?
Posted on 26 November 18 at 19:02
Even got the rest of them now.. including hoarder which gems in the rough is essentially a prerequisite for. Very annoying.
Posted on 05 December 18 at 21:34
i was just about to post this. i have 100% in the game but somehow dont have this achievement.... any ideas?
C.C. Prokop
Posted on 01 January 19 at 02:26
Probably no fix. It's pretty easy to get to that point again though...

I noticed in spyro 2, I have an additional 10 gems.... not sure why. It says I have 1,010 gems in total. I think my game bugged up and recredited the same gems when revisiting a world.

There's definitely a few bugs in it.
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