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Still works - 26.11.18

  • NoHeroes94NoHeroes94513,829
    Posted on 26 November 18 at 18:50Permalink
    Hey all,

    Wanted to confirm that this works, and any unoptimized windows 10 laptop will do!

    1) Go to steam, buy Fallout 3: GOTY (if you by OG edition, you can't unlock DLC achievements)

    2) Purchase Battlestations: Pacific in Steam, as well. Right now, it's under £1. It's usually around £6.99. This is mandatory for digital copies, as for whatever reason the Steam version doesn't come with a key, and it will NOT work. You can buy a key for GTA IV too, but its much more expensive.

    3) Download Games for Windows - Live on your PC/Laptop. It doesn't matter that the marketplace is now unavailable, YOU NEED THIS CLIENT.

    4) Wait for Fallout 3: GOTY to install. Once it has, go to Battlestations Pacific and right-click. Copy your key to the clipboard (it doesn't matter if its not done installing yet!)

    5) Load up Fallout 3: GOTY. For the first time, it took me around 10-15 minutes as it installed drivers.

    6) Once at the menu, click "Live" and download your account. Also enter your key from Battlestations: Pacific, when prompted. This took a surprising amount of time (5-10 mins), so be patient.

    7) Finally ready to go. Go to the main menu of Fallout 3: GOTY, press the command key and insert addachievement 1, addachievement 2 etc. For me, ¬ didn't actually work; I had to press the shift key and go through my keyboard until I found one that let me access commands.
    Posted on 26 November 18 at 21:16Permalink
    7) For me, ¬ didn't actually work; I had to press the shift key and go through my keyboard until I found one that let me access commands.
    for me also. I think it depends by language keybord
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  • legendwariorlegendwarior317,538 317,538 GamerScore
    Posted on 29 November 18 at 23:28Permalink
    can i unlock dlc achievements naturally by playing game on steam ?
  • CatamongCatamong127,632
    Posted on 28 December 18 at 13:01Permalink
    I didn't buy the GOTY version but I was still able to unlock all the DLC achievements as well.
  • Bizarro13Bizarro13337,703
    Posted on 01 January 19 at 19:26Permalink
    Hi all, just to confirm. I already owned Fallout 3 GOTY on Steam (I had it for GWFL and had maybe half the achievements unlocked). I used a key code to sign in/download the update for GWFL and unlocked all of the achievements. If you check my profile you can see the majority of them were unlocked today.
    Posted on 02 January 19 at 04:48, Edited on 02 January 19 at 04:56 by TM HOLLANDPermalink
    I was able to enter all the achievements but none of them counted or showed up apart of my GS, odd.

    edit - Side note, it takes a while for or the app to update that they were unlocked
    Posted on 18 January 19 at 00:31Permalink
    worked fine. Really Thanks.
  • Mind3838Mind383899,098
    Posted on 23 January 19 at 07:10Permalink
    Does typing the achievement still work
  • SweetArkhaneSweetArkhane572,429
    Posted on 25 February 19 at 17:16Permalink
    When it downloads my profile, it takes forever and just before the download is finished, the game crashes...
  • Tatl360Tatl360206,157
  • SweetArkhaneSweetArkhane572,429
    Posted on 25 February 19 at 18:43Permalink
    I managed to make it work by myself, but I don't really know how^^
  • Posted on 03 March 19 at 05:22, Edited on 03 March 19 at 05:23 by iSeanWiPermalink
    Anyone know if buying a GFWL disc version from ebay will allow me to just boot up the game and unlock the achievements? I can get it really cheap for like £3.50 or do I need a key or something?
  • SweetArkhaneSweetArkhane572,429
    Posted on 03 March 19 at 21:50Permalink
    Go to allkeyshop, they sell keys for like 1£.
    And if you don't have a key, just buy F1 2011 on the same site for 1£.

    All are Steam keys btw.
  • ZWZW1,002,041
    Posted on 15 March 19 at 05:13Permalink
    Still working as of 3/14/2019

    Downloaded from Steam and used my CD Key from Gears of War and it connected to live.
    Unlocked 72 achievements on a dummy account using only the base game not GOTY edition.
  • BluelarkBluelark341,826
    Posted on 18 July 19 at 20:52Permalink
    Working today, July 18, 2019. Used by CD key from Viva Pinata to activate it.
  • CuriousSamCuriousSam93,979
    Posted on 13 August 19 at 16:33, Edited on 13 August 19 at 19:15 by CuriousSamPermalink
    Just tried today, but keeps prompting me to update windows live which then fails to update with error code 0x80072751. Any ideas?

    Okay so managed to get it to connect to live, but now the achievements won't pop... Any suggestions?
  • Dead M3talDead M3tal32,533
    Posted on 07 October 19 at 21:41Permalink
    Tried this earlier with no luck. I bought f1 2011 for the code but it said it wasn't available for this game when trying to use it on fallout cry Anybody have any recommendations?
  • Posted on 08 October 19 at 15:21Permalink
    The keys I'm getting are only 15 characters long and it tells me they need to be 25?
  • Posted on 08 October 19 at 15:24Permalink
    then you have a steam key, look how to make this playable using the gfwl patch
  • Posted on 19 October 19 at 22:47Permalink
    Still working 19 Oct 19.

    just it stop poppin for me in the regular order e.g. addachievement 1, 2, 3, ......

    In my case i did decreasing numbers e.g. addachievement 72, 71, 70, ....
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