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Spyro Lost game data

Posted on 28 November 18 at 04:51
Hi all I'm having a big problem with my game data with Spyro reignited trilogy.
In the first game Spyro The Dragon.I was up to 95% all I had to do was defeat Gnasty Gnorc. So I called it quits and went to bed got up the next morning and thought OK lets finish this. Only to find that my 95% has now gone back to 38%.I think (but I'm not sure) it may have updated,but for some reason it won't take me to where I was. I've had a look on the dashboard and all my game points and achievements are still there,but I just can't access it from the game.
Please help as this has really got me cranky.Why would it do this?
Our Afflictions
Posted on 28 November 18 at 06:07
Did it possibly save to the cloud and then not retrieve from the cloud? Hard reset the console and make sure its connected to the internet when you load the game.
Hexa Fox
Hexa Fox
Posted on 28 November 18 at 09:29
I am deciding whether or not I want to do this game and this is definitely not something I want to see lol. This game was bound to have issues as they pushed back the release date then announced that all content would not be included on the discs. I have never heard of that before.

Anyway it sounds very similar to issues that are common in the shitty indie games. I cannot tell you how many times I have lost huge portions of data from those games and had to restart. There are various things you can try like Our Afflictions mentioned. However, when those shitty indie games fuck you usually they do not unfuck you if you get where I am coming from.
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