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GAME no longer taking 360 games

Posted on 29 November 18 at 13:58
My local GAME store has a notice up saying that they are no longer taking 360/PS3/Vita/Wii games. The online trade in says in-store only on the 360 games I looked at. I'm guessing it is in a store by store basis?

I have not seen a company stop taking 360 games yet. Are they the first?
Posted on 29 November 18 at 14:02
They must like giving CeX more custom. Not surprised they're starting it either
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Posted on 29 November 18 at 14:14
That's pretty lame. The only reason I still go to game stores is to check for used 360 games that are super cheap. Hope this doesn't become the norm soon.
Posted on 29 November 18 at 14:19, Edited on 29 November 18 at 14:20 by ThreeHaddock62
All the Gamestops in my town took all their wii and wii-u games off the floor, I figure PS3 and 360 are next...though 360 games with backwards compatibility still sell decently. They only have so much space.
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Posted on 30 November 18 at 17:51
My local Gamestops have removed their wall of 360/PS3 fans and moved them to tiny bins.
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Posted on 30 November 18 at 18:03
Just went in today and you have until the 13th to sell the 360 discs.
Posted on 30 November 18 at 21:41
I wouldn't take my 360 discs to GAME anyway, what they offer is usually pretty pathetic compared to CEX or at least where I live that's the case.
Shame Grainger Games are gone, they were pretty fair both in selling and trade-in prices.
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