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Poll: What's Your Most Anticipated New Video Game for December 2018?

  • N7MarkissPhxN7MarkissPhx165,362
    Posted on 04 December 18 at 01:51Permalink
    Other ( either Ashen or Below - if those rumors are true, at least 1/2 should be out by the end of this year ;)
  • Doombot98275Doombot98275174,032
    Posted on 04 December 18 at 20:44Permalink
    I'm really, REEEEEEEALLY looking forward to Kingdom Two Crowns! The last Kingdom game (New Lands) was one of my favorite games of all time and this sequel adds 2 player, a campaign mode, multiple save slots, and so many other new additions and overhauls! It comes out on the 10th and is included in Game Pass. :D
  • Jet KlaatuJet Klaatu286,137
    Posted on 04 December 18 at 22:45Permalink
    None for me.
  • Smudgenat0rSmudgenat0r640,872
    Posted on 05 December 18 at 09:46Permalink
    None for me. Already got far too much to be playing.
  • FlabyoFlabyo280,370
    Posted on 05 December 18 at 10:49Permalink
    I’d kinda missed what Mutant Year Zero even is, the name doesn’t sound like something that immediately inspires me, but looking at video it seems like it could be my jam.
  • Posted on 06 December 18 at 15:15Permalink
    None of those, maybe just cause
  • ChytrexChytrex84,048
    Posted on 07 December 18 at 00:45Permalink
    Black desert for me.. As far it should come out in Dec too..
    Posted on 07 December 18 at 13:18Permalink
    smash bros ultimate
  • J4CKA1J4CKA1196,664
    Posted on 08 December 18 at 13:38Permalink
    too many big games just dropped and too much backlog. nothing here will pull me away from this stuff unfortunately
  • Posted on 10 December 18 at 05:54Permalink
    None for me.
    Every game with DLC that you pay for is a paid update.
  • fireizfireiz556,519
    Posted on 10 December 18 at 06:35Permalink
    zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz said:
    Witcher throne breaker! Hated the mini game in witcher at first. By the time i %100 witcher i absolutely loved it! 🤣
    so true, i remember when i went for 100% in this game i got addicted to gwent and i started playing it only for the fun of it :D
    Have no fear, Amjad is here
  • AllgorhythmAllgorhythm388,506
    Posted on 15 December 18 at 02:40Permalink
    And the winner is:
    Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer: Comrades
    Oops! Somehow that never made it into the poll. Surprising because there seemed to be more discussion about the DLC Comrades servers closing to make way for the standalone game than all the other games in the poll combined. laugh
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