Game Discussion: Dante's Inferno

Broken download ?!

  • Posted on 01 December 18 at 21:43Permalink
    thanks to GWG, I discovered Dante's Inferno, I'm trying to download and play it since two days, but something goes wrong and, at the end of download, game doesn't apper in the game list and can't be played. I see the download exploring the hard-disk with "(!)" as image and a label that say that there is a problem... I tried to download on old download more times and I also tried to delete the old download from hdd before restart the last download, but it's the same... Today I tried to download Dragon Age II and it worked at first time, as always, so it shouldn't be internet, or console, problem.

    Did you succeded to download Dante's Inferno at first attempt?
    Can you help me?

    Thank You
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