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Introducing The Xbox Gameplay Chart

Posted on 04 December 18 at 05:38
I love this, but I have a feeling the endless stream of multiplayer games and MP shooters is just going to annoy me. I hate multiplayer with an unrivaled passion. But I don't make the rules. cry
Posted on 04 December 18 at 10:35
Nice addition to site toast
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Posted on 04 December 18 at 13:02
Posted on 04 December 18 at 15:05
Interesting. Happy to see MCC still in the top 20!
Posted on 04 December 18 at 15:49
this is so cool! I love how you guys come up with cool things like this that I never thought I'd want to see but then you make it and I really do want to see it LOL. Great job guys I love ta
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Posted on 04 December 18 at 17:43
"The data is taken from a huge pool of active Xbox gamers (well over half a million)"

Where does one acquire this data themselves? A good old fashioned fact check is not a bad thing.
Posted on 04 December 18 at 18:21
Cool. This is going to be interesting to watch. toast
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Posted on 05 December 18 at 03:43
companies in the world shoulds be doing this nowadays. If everything is a numbers game for the markets, stocks, etc.....why is it they dont already do it? From start to finish, executive decisions are based on numbers of all sorts and judgements are made on profitability of a potential game considering to be made. So it seems unfair if whole sections of data are simply not matter the subject we speaks of in the world of video games. (better, smaller example of what i mean, related to purpose of ur charts idea and how it could be used: how can a mother shopping online with the query how popular is Red Dead Redemption 2 with video gamers, who know more than she does about video games, find out if the game is worth buying for Christmas? ...she will see numbers in a random Google search saying "X amount copies sold. RDR2 is #3 game sold in world! Click here to find in nearest store!"....then she goes n buys something else because it wasnt #1 because digital sales werent counted in this pretend data i made up in this example.) i said, just a rough way to explain what i meant. just made up random example. But its awesome that people like u guys at truachievements want to do stuff like this. charts, data gathering spots online, etc. Its fun :) And awesome too that u take the time to put these things together and shares with us on this website. Sending a big thanks u for being awesome n look forwards to seeing the charts.
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