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How does Premium Member affect your score?

Posted on 06 December 18 at 00:09, Edited on 06 December 18 at 00:13 by ZX KNIGHT
I'm boosting for Level 50, and managed to get enough Happy Tickets to become a Premium Member until the serves shut down on 17 December.

When you do a match and it shows you your 'score/exp' there's a section for Premium Member bonus, so I always presumed this would boost my overall score.

When I got Premium Membership it started saying 100% bonus so I presumed my score was double for each match.

I thought I was still progressing slowly so I started checking it against my score needed for the level, and sure enough it was going down by DOUBLE the amount of my score per match, so if I got a score of 1,000, then my 'score needed to go up a level' was going down 2,000.

However, just now I entered into a spreadsheet (I'm geeky like that!) my overall score so I could keep track of my daily progress, and when I checked it after my next match, my overall score had only gone up by the score from my last match - it hadn't gone up double.

Yet when I checked my 'score needed until the next level' that was still going down double my score.

I don't understand how that can be but I've checked it two or three times now.

Is this right? Does this mean I won't need to hit 510,000 on my overall score to get to Level 50 because it's in effect reducing the amount of score I need to rank up?

If it's not boosting my score properly I may as well give us as I'm on around 280,000 overall score and there's no way I'm going to get that up to 510,000 in 11 days without the 100% bonus doubling my score.

UPDATE: Just seen my rank is 45, yet my overall score is 280,000, which would make me Rank 43! So looks like I'm boosting, but I need to work out how much I actually need to get to reach Rank 50! Time to do some maths...
Posted on 06 December 18 at 16:31
Don't focus on the overall score. Focus on the score that you have remaining to get to the next rank. That is the most important thing.
With Premium, it does double the score you have after each match and then if you get a rank boost in conjunction then your score is multiplied by 4.
Based on the rank you have currently, it is very much doable to make it to 50 by the 17th. You are just going to have to basically only play this game though and take advantage of boosting sessions imo if you don't have a powerful weapon
Posted on 07 December 18 at 20:58
Cheers! Just worked out what rank boosts do after all this time! Thankfully had enough Happy Cards to get a pack of ten so should come in handy whenever I had a really good game. I'm pretty confident I can there to rank 50 in time if I keep at it!
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