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Is Jealous Governor TOO powerful?

Posted on 06 December 18 at 21:28
Controversial one here maybe and I'm actually sitting on the fence here.
Is Jealous Governor too powerful?
Like many I have the big tittied JG in my deck and she's definitely helped me nail some Torment 18 maps, but ranking battles now win or lose seem to me to have heavily swung towards luck rather than the daily grind of building a deck shuffling and enchanting steadily up the leader board. Sure, JG has vulnerabilities but if you get lucky quick and cull the opposition Guv'nor and scratch her from the cemetery, you're likely to win. And yeah there's always been a bit of luck in this game but JG for me has increased the luck factor a bit TOO much. And if you have 2 of these buxom beauties (i dont) you might just be invincible.
Am I complaining? Not quite. But maybe taming her skills a tickle could make challenging the top 20 less of a lottery.
I stupidly ignored Dark Ranger in an event the other month, but seems to me a fullish battlefield up against a JG and then having the Dark Ranger enter and null all enemy skills is a cool tactic against the JG tank....
Anyone else got any tactics on how to kill this minx?
Carlton Slayer
Posted on 07 December 18 at 08:58
I ran across a deck with 2 JG and was able to handle them so yes- there's still a bit of luck. Notice how JG only reacts to cards that are above it? If it's the 3rd card and you have 5 cards out your 4th & 5th cards can act normally. It's also still vulnerable to Silence, Confusion, Exile and my favorite, Magic Erosion (which is why my main deck has 2 Cloris). I did run into a deck that someone had managed to give JG Resistance on only 8 shuffles (either they got very lucky or something else is going on, as Resistance usually is only available as a 4th skill alter 10 shuffles...) but for the most part I'd say that most decks can contain enough different cards with skills that affect JG to not make it THAT fearsome....
Posted on 08 December 18 at 01:05
Actually it reacts to EVERY card that's faced with an opponent. Only ones free to directly hit the hero cannot be countered by her. It's why she's deemed so powerful as with her taking all the abuse its hard to remove opponent cards and thus not be countered by her. She is a meta changer alright (as is Princess Sakura).
Posted on 08 December 18 at 01:08
I think she is to be honest. But only commented because OP said big tittied JG. Coming to a lifesize anime body pillow soon laugh
Posted on 08 December 18 at 10:03
Jealous Governor is really overpowered. When the player wishes their own cards could skip their own attack phase, then its a faulty card. To be fair, Lies of Astaroth is an extremely faulty game right now with the only thing keeping "metas" in check is the OP cards get countered by other OP cards. Even with all these OP cards though, this game would be healthier if Jealous Governor didn't exist. Its an uphill battle if you don't own the card and face someone that does.
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