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Jefferson Memorial Bug

Anakin Skyguy
Anakin Skyguy
Posted on 07 December 18 at 01:30

I had the Death from Above quest active after Take It Back but went to all the other DLC before trying it.

Now it's disappeared and I thought I would trigger it by going to the Jefferson Memorial. Im in the rounds where the purifier is but the doors are locked preventing me from getting out followed then by an explosion with a white screen and after this I'm frozen in the spot.

Unfortunately no back up save and only able to as all around for one minute until the explosion goes off again.

Has anyone heard of this or able to help. Im do close to level 30 and miscellaneous achievements and don't want to start again.

Thanks for reading.

VeNoMz x UK
Posted on 19 December 18 at 23:54
Hi Dude,

I just completed the main story mode and had a save backed up before i started the final quest, this allowed me to be able to carry on in the game doing side-missions, if you did not have a final save i think you may need to start a new game :(

If you have the DLC active, once you activate the code in the Memorial and you "White Out"
You should wake up 2 months later or so and be able to continue with the DLC.

I am unsure what you are asking for or need help with but i hope this explains what you need.
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