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Who Would Make An Xbox Super Smash Bros. Roster?

  • XtowersXtowers667,327
    Posted on 08 December 18 at 14:30
    Rather than Fem Shep, I would love to see Liara. Her moves would be super fun.
  • Posted on 08 December 18 at 14:36
    Jack Joyce - quantum break
    Plague juggernaut - state of decay 2
    Banjo & kazooie
  • Warrz98Warrz98664,596
    Posted on 08 December 18 at 15:10
    The girl from recore. Or maybe some of the bots from it
  • kinrats93kinrats93252,024
    Posted on 08 December 18 at 16:21
    Mr Torgue and/or Kreig from Borderlands 2, the multiple part pickup special weapon would be his shiny meat bicycle.
  • HolyHalfDeadHolyHalfDead608,169
    Posted on 08 December 18 at 17:53, Edited on 08 December 18 at 17:54 by HolyHalfDead
    I can think of a couple of characters that have graced our Xbox screens (and that have less hair than me)

    Agent 47
    He's not a man. He's the holy Half-Dead who has seen the Underverse and returned with powers you can't imagine.
  • Posted on 08 December 18 at 18:07
    The lMlan said:
    A bunch of non-first party / non-exclusive names getting thrown about here... did you ever think that’s why there is no super smash-box game?

    How about creating some more first party games to fill up a roster?

    Ezio would need to be included in this list if we’re just doing a who’s who list
    Was thinking the same thing. What's listed isn't an Xbox Smash Bros. game, its an All Console Smash Bros game. And everyone in the thread is essentially just listing their favorite characters that they would like to see in a game like Smash Bros.
  • Posted on 08 December 18 at 18:07
    Pinatas, conker, banjo kazooie, kameo, keflings, castle crashers, braid, ilomilo max (from curse of the brotherhood), splosion man/woman, the wierd unicorn from peggle (lol), meatboy..

    Seems like there is a lot of love in there for triple AAA games that are multiplatform.

    Lets not forget Rare and all the great arcade games that debuted on xbla. Xbox kind of jump started the indie game revolution.
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 08 December 18 at 18:11
    HyphyBusRyder said:
    The Burger King
    THIS... now wheres the copy of this game I never started...
    Enchantment? Enchantment!
  • Spartan 343xSpartan 343x301,960 301,960 GamerScore
    Posted on 08 December 18 at 19:21
    Phil Spencer and Major Nelson
    Posted on 08 December 18 at 19:30
    Stallion83 and Bill Gates
  • Matodion 1stMatodion 1st552,181
    Posted on 08 December 18 at 20:17
  • Posted on 08 December 18 at 21:59
    Clearly they should have Major Nelson on it.
  • Posted on 08 December 18 at 22:05
    The big fat original xbox controller
  • Mr NetoriMr Netori505,380
    Posted on 08 December 18 at 22:56
    'Like Sam above, Ryu is a protagonist that has been seen elsewhere, but most recently he feels like an Xbox guy first and foremost.'

    What, I wouldn't be surprised if the next Ninja Gaiden is PS or Nintendo exclusive with the way Team Ninja has been treating us.

    Plus Xbox lack of diverse characters is really showing lol, most of the list is just guys with guns lol
  • Posted on 09 December 18 at 00:52
    I am going to try and list 72 characters, so i will post some already mentioned. 1 character per franchise. When i mention a franchise you could pull from to many to list.

    1. Commander Shepard 2. Master Chief 3. Marcus Fenix 4. Altair (or any assassin)
    5. The boss from saints row 6. A jedi/sith 7. Borderlands character 8. Chuck Green
    9. Doom guy 10. Grey warden 11. Fallout Boy (fallout 4) 12. Niko bellic 13. Agent 47
    14. Rico (from just cause) 15. Lara Croft 16. mad max 17. Lincoln Clay 18. Mega man
    19. Talion 20. steve... 21. Faith 22. Joule Adams 23. Arthur Morgan 24. Res Evil
    25. damocles 26. dragon born 27. wei shen 28. smite 29. dark souls 30. the surge
    31. titan from titan fall 32. A tom Clancy Ghost . 33 any one from siege 34. aiden pierce
    35. duke nukem 36. B.J. Blowsko 37. xcom soldier 38. Salem/Rios 39. big daddy
    40. edf soldier 41. the hero from fable 42. kane and lynch 43. max payne 44. space marine
    45. A merc from the game mercenaries. 46. far cry

    Stuck at 46
  • Posted on 09 December 18 at 00:56
    banjo and kazooie how was this not already on the list?!
  • wookieepuppywookieepuppy724,157
    Posted on 09 December 18 at 06:11
    Max and Chloe from Life is Strange

    Clementine from Telltale Walking Dead

    ...but most importantly........

    William......Joseph.........Blazkowski....... from Wolfenstein Series

    ..........and also.........

    Karl Fairburne from Zombie Army Trilogy and Sniper Elite Series
  • Darkroder92Darkroder92159,325 159,325 GamerScore
    Posted on 09 December 18 at 06:37
    The avatars should be like Mii characters were you can customize them and lets not forget about Jago From Killer Instict.Perfect Dark Zero.Lost Oddyssey.Shu From Blue Dragon.Fable and Ninety Nine Nights Characters they are just like Fire Emblem characters
    $True Gaming $
    Posted on 09 December 18 at 07:50
    Great list...
    i always used Male Shepard in ME thou, even tho most games i use women.

    My addition is Assassin's Creed. Really any of them, but i'd say AC1, instead of the most-likely picked Ezio Auditore..

    Banjo & Kazooie..

    VIVEC from Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind

    Noble 6 form Halo Reach.

    Super Lucky's Tale

    Super Meat Boy..

    Saints Row Characters..

    Guacamelee main guy

    Main character from DEAD SPACE!

    kid from LIMBO

    the UNRAVEL Doll
    Leap Frog 2017 - 4x 6.4+ Ratio!! (Croaked on Day 29) -- www.instagram.com/grandnoble
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 09 December 18 at 07:59
    general RAAM
    Have no fear, Amjad is here
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