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Who Would Make An Xbox Super Smash Bros. Roster?

  • OverIoadOverIoad820,437
    Posted on 09 December 18 at 14:10
    Blinx from Blinx the Time Sweeper
    Horstachio from Viva Pinata
  • Unknown DoboUnknown Dobo329,726
    Posted on 10 December 18 at 03:31
    They tend to shy away from super realistic characters in the smash bros games, not saying they don't put any in just that they tend to be outnumbered by the cartoony ones. With master chief, Marcus phoenix and Jo dark in there you're going to need to bulk out the fluffy characters to keep the balance.

    Banjo kazooie and conker have already been mentioned. But rare also made the viva pinata games, battle toads, kameo and grabbed by the goulies.

    I'd also throw the hero from one of the fable games in to the ring. That's a Microsoft franchise right?

    Also killer instinct and crackdown.
  • Posted on 10 December 18 at 07:07
    otaku1412 said:
    Banjo-Kazooie (Nuts & Bolts), Jago (Killer Instinct 2013), Crackdown Officer, Jack Joyce (Quantum Break), and Tequila (Stranglehold) come to my mind
    Raz, maybe? ;) I always felt like he was more Xbox than PS.
  • BasanakinBasanakin170,135
    Posted on 10 December 18 at 15:06
    The Minecraft character seems to be the most obvious pick for Smash. He is HUGE, and its colorful design fits the universe. His attacks would also be very 'smash-like'
  • Retr0KodaRetr0Koda188,836
    Posted on 11 December 18 at 01:00
    Conker would be cool to see
  • GoatNDGoatND613,840
    Posted on 11 December 18 at 21:07
    Ryu, Cuphead, and Ori are phenomenal picks. Please Nintendo.
    - Goat
  • J4CKA1J4CKA1241,222
    Posted on 18 December 18 at 19:20
  • Posted on 20 December 18 at 14:52
    Gears POP! characters like Marcus, Carmine, Cole Train, Baird, Wretch, Locust Drone, RAAM

    Lucky from Super Lucky's Tale

    Max and Mustacho (villain) from Max and The Curse of the Brotherhood

    cover Titan from Titanfall


    Sabrewulf and Riptor from Killer Instinct

    Fable games main villains or recognizable characters
  • J4CKA1J4CKA1241,222
    Posted on 20 December 18 at 15:02
    Can't put MC in there. No one else would win.
  • GtechApocalypseGtechApocalypse1,798,760
    Posted on 22 December 18 at 07:26
    This would be a dope concept!
  • Posted on 29 December 18 at 02:31
  • Kosmik VolfeKosmik Volfe187,298
    Posted on 03 July 19 at 19:07
    This is my ideal roster focusing on maturity since Xbox has more mature games.

    Jack Joyce Quantum Break
    Master Chief Halo series
    Brute Chieftain Halo series
    Flood Tank/Flood Ranged Halo series
    *This would be an interesting character to use as it can use the pure form for mobility. Transforming into a ranged form locked in place or a slow tank form.
    Joanna Dark Perfect Dark
    Elvis Perfect Dark
    Marcus Fenix/Daimon Baird/Augustus Cole/Dominic Santiago
    Anya Stroud/Samantha Byrne/Sofia Hendrick/Kait Diaz
    Ryse character from Ryse

    Elara Hunted: The Demon's Forge
    Caddoc Hunted: The Demon's Forge
    Inphyy Ninety-Nine Nights
    Aspharr Ninety-Nine Nights
    Myifee Ninety-Nine Nights
    Galen Ninety-Nine Nights II
    Zazi Ninety-Nine Nights II
    Levv Ninety-Nine Nights II
    Aya Infinite Undiscovery
    Balbagan Infinite Undiscovery
    Ryu Hayabusa Ninja Gaiden II (Guest character)
    Alexei Ninja Gaiden II (Guest character)
    Joules Recore
    Brutus Brute Force
    Crom Bloodforge
    Kaim Lost Odyssey
    Geth Stalker Mass Effect (Guest character)
    Liara (Guest character)
  • DubstepEdgelordDubstepEdgelord1,620,812
    Posted on 16 July 19 at 21:22
    Any playable character in BattleBlock Theater would be cool. There are many customizable styles and a variety of weapons to use.
  • LCruz360LCruz360331,390
    Posted on 15 November 19 at 04:01
    Its DFRAG said:
    The Dodge Viper from Forza Horizon
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