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Help with training or upgrading units

Posted on 11 December 18 at 11:54
Hi, can someone help me and explain how to upgrde or train your units.

i unlocked the perk which makes this possible - but i dont see an option in the command tent to upgrade/trian them .... ???

Pink Freud PhD
Posted on 11 December 18 at 23:13
Hi kedifare.

In order to upgrade your units to the + version, you need to progress far enough in the campaign to unlock the fourth or fifth tiers (depending on the unit) of structures in the Workshop. There, you can preview the units that building that structure would unlock, and if you have any already on you, they will be automatically upgraded to the + version.

New units will have to be crafted by selecting the unit in your deck builder and then crafting them from their expanded menu.
Posted on 12 December 18 at 13:53
thanks - so jsut upgrading the workshop does it...

cool thanks!!!
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