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Just Cause 4 Review

Legohead 1977
Legohead 1977
Posted on 13 December 18 at 10:57
Sounds good and terrible in equal measure if you include the comments...as usual i'm still a game behind anyway, plenty of time for them to sort out the kinks.
Legohead 1977
Posted on 13 December 18 at 12:03
I've enjoyed this game. It's a lot of fun. IMO it's better than JC3 simply because the frame-rate is solid and the loading screens are so fast! Thankyou Avalanche.
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Doc Buddha
Doc Buddha
Posted on 17 December 18 at 21:39
Ostrowidzki1989 said:
Mullet For Men said:
EazyE2285 said:
He earned 15 or so achievements, but only six have unlocked at the time of writing
Ewwww. I'll never understand how games can be released with so much wrong with them. In the case of this sentence it probably could be a {#}You had one job{#} meme type thing. Someone slacked off.
{#}So much wrong{#}

Achievements not unlocking is a very minute problem
Take your opinions to www.gamefaqs.com. This is an achievement site and most people here care about achievements a lot when playing games. Considering your score, I don't expect you to understand or comprehend that.
Would you like some Aloe Vera for that burn EazyE2285? wink
Posted on 28 January 19 at 15:50
you forgot the car's got worse part you can barely drive them and if you dare crash into something it get's stuck to you and starts making you fly off very annoying when it comes to time races for the movie
Posted on 28 January 19 at 16:40
Meh, 3rd one was fun but I'm glad I bought it when it was heavily on sale. Pretty sick of the gameplay loop with most open world games these days. Won't even consider picking this up for at least year.
Posted on 22 February 19 at 00:09
This game was a big disappointment for me. 2 and 3 were way better. It has the worst graphics since the first game. Blowing stuff up doesnt even mean anything in this game except filling your chaos meter a little bit. Going through the various stunt rings just feels stupid and boring. There are no percentages for blowing stuff up and no collectibles like in the 2nd game. Driving is horrible, and the grappling hook system is very confusing. The only fun to be had in this game is the wingsuiting. I constanty kept running out of ammo also, and had to keep switching guns. I get that they were trying to do something different but it made it feel less fun. I had high hopes for this game but it was a big letdown.
Posted on 16 May 19 at 01:17
Enjoyed Just Cause 2 and 3, but passed on this one till now. Honestly, only reason I played it now is because I got a free month of Game Pass and this game had Microsoft reward points offered with it.

This game is bad. The NPCs look like they belong on PS2 or earlier. The story, my hour into it, is a joke. The plot is every B movie dictatorship plot out there, bad, predictable, laughable. As far as the features of this game, or RPG elements or however you describe it, it seems like they looked at what was popular is considered it. Expect, they couldn't decide, so they point everything in there.

Game feels thrown together to capitalize on the name and get as much profit as they could with as little effort. Would recommend passing on this one. Unfortunately, I hope to struggle though it so it doesn't completely care my ratio. We'll see if it happens.
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