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Looking for DPS, OP, DEVO for Hardcore

Chaos Mythology
Chaos Mythology
Posted on 12 December 18 at 14:31
You need to have a mic and be BIS ( best in slot ) if they do have achievements then I want to be ready with a team and if not I'm down to farm for the gear.

Right now we have a GF ( Buff Tank ) and an AC ( AA ) both maxed and BIS
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Posted on 17 December 18 at 19:41
Is this the content you need to run at minimum item level? Would't that mean BIS wouldn't apply?
Posted on 20 December 18 at 23:03, Edited on 25 January 19 at 23:28 by MathNotEvenOnce
Gear gets scaled down, but regardless I imagine said gear still maintains the stats/ratios you need anyways.

AC 17.5K (mostly just working enchants now to 14 and +1 gear).
GWF 17.8K (using 2nd best weapon set (titansteel > exalted primal) until I can get the new set crafted, need a few +1 variants, but otherwise BiS)
Posted on 21 December 18 at 13:37
Ahh okay. I thought you had to manually get gear to match the max item level requirement.
I am running a 15k HR that was BIS in the storm king thunder days. Just came back and am working on getting updated gear and upgrading my enchants.
I am willing to join you guys if I get my gear at a good place by mod15.

HRs are also going to be part of meta buffing groups in MOD15 so I plan on making a buff loadout as well as dps.
Posted on 04 January 19 at 14:09, Edited on 04 January 19 at 14:10 by WudYaLo0kAtThat
I'll be ready when Mod15 comes out to dps/buff, whichever is needed. (Can actually do both).
Have MC3 weapons already maxed out and most BIS armor/artifacts already.
Posted on 15 January 19 at 02:14
I have a 17.3k rogue. Dont have all the BiS gear but i know how to play my class. If you are looking for total BiS then im not your guy. But if you need me, just message me, i would be glad to try and help
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