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PGR3 Online Career (Let's finish this)

    Posted on 10 April 12 at 17:27
    I'm looking to find anyone still interested in finishing up PGR3. Since offline achievements can be completed anytime, the main focus will be the online career focused achievements:
    1) Style Racer Badge (you need 25k online career kudos)
    2) Online Professional (50 online career races + other objectives)

    As I found out over the last few days these achievements are still very possible. In about an hour I completed 8/50 races and am close to 25k kudos.

    However, if you expect to just jump on and find a match you will NEVER find one. Nobody is playing online career anymore. The only way to find a match is through an organized session. I was lucky to take part in a large session of about 10 people, that's how I made my progress.

    I'll be hosting an unlimited gamers session, hopefully every night. Check the gaming sessions on the site for times. Problem is I'm having trouble finding interested gamers. If you want these achievements I suggest taking part now as less people are playing PGR3 all the time. If you wait you will probably need to create similar threads requesting help from others.

    If you are interested in getting these done send me a friend request or join one of my upcoming sessions. Or start your own PGR3 session. It would be awesome to see a ton of PGR sessions over the next bit to help get everyone finished up.

    GT: rye hexagon
  • Posted on 29 December 12 at 23:58
    happy to help
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