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Watch 100 hours no longer updating

  • Posted on 17 December 18 at 00:41
    I think the watch 100 hours of live video might no longer be updating. The last person to earn it was 11/30/18 and as of posting this it's 12/16/18.

    Anyone else noticing this?
  • New ParalyzerNew Paralyzer1,014,616
    Posted on 17 December 18 at 09:19
    I think only a small handful of apps still have Achievements working. Most apps have been updated without achievement support. Youtube, Netflix, and Hulu are among those that you cannot earn achievements anymore.
  • Posted on 19 December 18 at 10:56
    I noticed YouTube turned their achievements off. I have one achievement in it and will never get any more.

    Twitch I am surprised. They had their achievements going earlier this year because I got a lot of them during the 2018 Games Done Quick.

    Oh well, nothing I can do about it.
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