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Reflection 20 years on/What else would make a good remaster?

The Manic Moose
Posted on 18 December 18 at 14:46
How do you feel about either of the 3 games approx. 20 years on from playing it? do you enjoy them as much as you thought you would? What else would you like to see remastered?

I'm having a blast and whilst there is nothing all that hard, it is enjoyable to play something you don't have to think about much to play.

The whole concept of the games are a lot more basic than I remember but I would have been 7/8 years old when I played the originals on Playstation!

Crash Bandicoot on the other hand, a lot harder than I remember and a much more accessible game to a more mature audience.

I would probably rate Crash over Spyro but have fond memories of both and am glad to be able to play remastered versions of both. I hope they keep on coming and would love to see Ghekko, Croc etc. as remasters.
Posted on 18 December 18 at 21:51
I wish Jak and Daxter would make an appearance on xbx
D ii N N Y
D ii N N Y
Posted on 19 December 18 at 22:34
The Simpsons Hit and Run - I wish this would happen!
Posted on 20 December 18 at 13:53
Buzz bumble no doubt
Posted on 22 December 18 at 05:48
D ii N N Y said:
The Simpsons Hit and Run - I wish this would happen!
THIS. The PC copy i have is TERRIBLE on my gaming rig, and I'd love to play that again.

Spyro looks worlds better than when I last played on PS2, I missed out on Crash with this sale, but my daughter was more interested in Spyro, so win win? It seems a lot easier than I remember though.
Im One To Envy
Posted on 23 December 18 at 22:23
ClemsonGrad2012 said:
I wish Jak and Daxter would make an appearance on xbx
I’d give anything to be able to earn achievements in the original trilogy. Let’s go ahead and get Ratchet & Clank and Sly Cooper as well!
Guitar LInc0ln
Posted on 26 December 18 at 14:59
The "Legacy of Kain" Series (Blood Omen and Soul Reaver). I had high hopes after Square Enix refurbished Tomb Raider and gave the series new life, but I think it's not going to happen with LoK unfortunately...
Har Miggido
Har Miggido
Posted on 28 December 18 at 23:30
Not so much of a remaster but two ports: Chuckie egg and repton.
Posted on 29 December 18 at 15:03
My favorite game of all time is Gladius and while a sequel was set up in the ending it never happened. I'd settle for a remaster for sure!
Lord Agrius
Lord Agrius
Posted on 30 December 18 at 15:27
Gex: deep cover gecko
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